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Updated by M-ES on Jan 12, 2018
Headline for New Year – Time for a New Engineering Career Move?
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New Year – Time for a New Engineering Career Move?

At the start of a new year, it’s not unusual to find yourself engaging in some personal reflection. Do you feel like you’ve been in your comfort zone for too long, or have you found yourself looking at engineering vacancies in different sectors? Here we go through some of the most tell-tale signs that it might be time for a new engineering career move.


You find yourself bored and low in energy

We all have days where we don’t feel like going to work or feel worn out at the end of the day, however, if you feel like this on a daily basis and find your mind elsewhere at work on a regular basis, there’s a good chance that a change could do you good. It’s a good idea to break your job down into different components to see what it is that’s draining you the most. Is your job dissatisfaction down to the job itself or other elements? Next, you should think about the things that make you feel enthused and energetic throughout the day, whether you’re at work or not.


You are looking for a new challenge

If you feel your work is beneath your abilities, or you feel like you’re not learning or growing, it’s probably time that you find an engineering career where you will be pushed and challenged on a daily basis, with a company that will support you in your career growth and development. If you don’t feel challenged by your work, it’s easy to lose motivation to do your job well.


You’re looking for a more senior position that isn’t available within your company

If you are looking to develop in your career and take on more responsibilities, this isn’t always possible within your current organisation. If you feel that you’ve hit the glass ceiling, it may be time to look for engineering career opportunities elsewhere.


A company reorganisation might mean that your job changes

Company reorganisations can sometimes mean that your job description changes, a position that you were looking to move into is no longer available, or favourable employment isn’t offered to you. If you are unhappy in your current job following a company reorganisation or restructuring, it may be time to look at which other opportunities are available within the engineering sector that you would be better suited for.


You don’t have the right resources to do your job

When you know that you could do a lot more for your company but are held back by a lack of resources, it can be very frustrating. Not only is it difficult to help the company advance, but it’s hard to show your own potential. It is probably time to find an engineering career opportunity where you have the time and resources to help move the company forward and therefore, move forward in your career.


You want to experience a different industry, environment and culture

You don’t just have to apply for jobs that you can demonstrate direct experience in, in fact, many employers recognise the benefits of wider experience. If you’d like a change of direction in your engineering career, by identifying your transferable skills, you may be able to move into new industry sectors and experience a completely different environment and culture.


What to do next?

What to do next?

If you are looking to advance your engineering career and push yourself in a new way, M-Tec Engineering Solutions are a specialist engineering recruitment provider that can deliver a completely bespoke service to help find the ideal career opportunities for you. Visit today, or for more information, call +44 (0) 121 710 1800.