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15 Common WordPress Issues

WordPress is one of the leading content management system with more than 29% market share. No Doubt WordPress is the easiest solution for setting up simple static website to a large ecommerce store within few minutes. With such a wide variety of options people usually make few common mistakes which ruined their entire project. Here are 15 commonly found mistake during expert’s analysis.


Poor Hosting Platform

Well it's a human nature that we usually prefer things which are cheap but unfortunately it doesn't fit in case of hosting because it can make it or break it for your business. People usually search providers which are cheap which ultimately lead them to lose their potential customers. There are numerous quality WordPress hosting providers which ensure that your website response rate is up to mark and secure enough to indicate Search Engine a sign of trust.


Not Using Any Cache Plugin

There are numerous people who still not familiar with the importance of using cache plugin in WordPress website which lead their website to load slower. Google has been indicating since couple of years the importance of optimizing page load time of your website. I personally prefer Breeze Cache Plugin and W3 Total Cache because these two resources the most effective.


WordPress without CDN

Well CDN stands for Content Delivery Network which means that there are multiple servers which contain website files and provide user according to their geographic locations. Well CDN ensure that website provide best response time to audience across the World.


You Have Not Done Stress-Test


Using “admin” as administrator Username

As WordPress users lie between newbie to experts which lead them to be on the top of the list of hackers. There are numerous guide which cover the particular topic but for I would recommend never use admin as your login user name.


Backup Aren’t Schedule

You never know what happens tomorrow so its better get prepare today for the worst case. There are numerous good backup plugins which create backup of your WordPress website and database. I have seen folks recommending UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup plugins and I would recommend that same as well.


Using Older WordPress Version

WordPress always update their CMS when there are some major flaw patch-up which means using an old version can be serious thread for your website security. As WordPress is an open sources CMS which means it wouldn't forcefully apply any changes until user make them so always keep your WordPress Update.


Don’t Have Responsive Design Theme

Always use themes which are mobile responsive because it is expected that by 2020 mobile search with surpass the desktop searches. On the other hand Google has also confirm that website which are mobile friendly get better ranking.


Cracked/Nulled Theme Used

Never use premium theme as free by downloading it unknown site because these theme usually create backdoors and malware which ease hackers to break into your website.


Over use of Plugins

Don't over use plugins in WordPress website usually folks recommend 10 to 15 not more than that.


Images without Proper Optimization

Always properly optimize images before uploading on your WordPress website.


Too Many Categories and Few Tags


Google Analytics haven’t install

Connect your website to Google Analytics to ensure that you are monitoring your visitors and take step accordingly .


Indexing Issue of Search Engine

Connect Google Search Console and see how well user website is getting index. If there aren't any issues then you are good to go further.


Website without Contact Form

Always make sure that your WordPress contact form is working and attached to ensure that users can contact you.



Well there numerous other factors as well which needs to be examine before allowing search engine to crawl your website like: Duplicated Content, Page Loading Speed, Content Quality and On Page SEO. But the above-mentioned 15 WordPress common mistakes were found during the auditing multiple websites.

References Resource

Here is another useful resources which has describe these factors in detail.