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Updated by Techno Infonet on Aug 24, 2019
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Techno Infonet

Techno Infonet is a leading web design and development company located in India, USA and UK.


Steps for creating effective Social Media Strategy

Creating a social media presence for your business is the first step of marketing.

Techno Infonet Appreciates Its Customers!

It’s as important as ever to make sure your business makes the best first impression to your online customers as possible.

What is Google’s E-A-T? Why do you need it? - Techno Infonet

Google’s E-A-T, where E-A-T is an abbreviation that represents the best three elements (Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness) Google utilizes for deciding the page relevancy and its standard.

Why you need a website audit before anything else? - Techno Infonet

In today?s digital world, various business domains globally are trying to make their brand presence and performance outstanding.

WordPress vs Joomla - Techno Infonet

If you are trying to select between WordPress and Joomla CMS, we have mentioned benefits of both and also what is user's preference.

SEO tactics to avoid

The world of SEO is in the regular phase of progression, the conflict between search engines and the SEO crowd is never going to end.

Techno Infonet Named a Top Enterprise SEO Company on Clutch!

We are thrilled to announce that we have been named a leader among Clutch’s directory of enterprise SEO firms, consequently being given a Clutch Leader Award!

Techno Infonet rated amongst the top WordPress Developers in India and the United Kingdom!

Our joys double up with our double achievement as we step up ladder of success and being ranked amongst the Top WordPress Developers of 2019 in India and the UK. We are grateful to DesignRush, for ranking us at the 19th position in India and at the number 30th position in the United Kingdom for the year 2019.

Techno Infonet takes pride in being one of the top SEO companies in IndiaTechno Infonet is delighted to share this ne...

Techno Infonet is delighted to share this news for being ranked at the 17th position by “The Manifest” as one of the Top SEO Companies in India.

How to achieve Brand Leadership

Before you initiate creating your brand leadership explore what inspires you. Leadership is about applying unique methods than your competitors. Brand quality also effects on the perception of customers.

Steps of web optimization

Need of web optimization differ from business to business. If you have a business website, then you'll be aware of how vital it is that the website is optimized to attract visitors and generate sales.

Why is it necessary to have content marketing strategy?

Content believes to be king for every successful product/services in marketing. So before starting content marketing, you should focus on its strategy first.

Ranked amongst the Top Digital Agencies, Techno Infonet Shines Bright!

Techno Infonet is one of the top rated Digital Marketing Agency having an experience of 14 years in to the digital world.

What is Google Analytics Phone Click Tracking Event? What are its Benefits and how to Implement it?

Is your website's contact number clickable? If no, then implement it to get more Conversion Rate. One can insert a script code to enable phone click and track those clicks with Google Analytics event tracking.

The reasons why a website designer is so important for designing a business site

You may own a web site for various reasons like enhanced sales, attract a larger group of clients, share information, build client relationship, branding, competition, etc. The reasons can be endless.

Can Laravel be Hacked?

The most dreadful thing about Internet today is the vulnerabilities that can cause terrible harm to your servers or websites or CMS systems. Talking Laravel, it is one of the most popular PHP framework just as Codeigniter that is used for building websites.

The checklist to fulfil with Targeted Niche Audience in Pay Per Click Marketing

It is a crystal clear fact that a brand should be having an authentic long lasting connection with the audience to have an everlasting impact. What better than social media to achieve so. However, most people fail in leveraging social media in the most beneficial way.

Graphic design words everyone should know

Describing visual works of art or design is difficult. Its important to take care of look & feel of the design. One should have atleast basic knowledge of graphic design before creating it.

Techno Infonet Triumphs! Proud for being ranked amongst the top SEO agencies

Today, Techno Infonet is proud of its journey with humble beginnings in the year 2004 and today it is a thriving organisation of skilled and passionate individuals helping businesses come alive in an online world.

How to Improve Your Website's Performance With CodeIgniter

CodeIgniter, an open source framework, is generously used to create web solutions that are vibrant and par excellence.

Prerequisites and Mistakes to take care of with your WordPress Site Migration

When migrating from old content to new content with all the themes and plugins, optimising it from an SEO standpoint could be absolutely complex to deal with.

4 rules of marketing to nail down your business in the online arena

A common thing about every single business today is the marketing plan with a core idea to get your business succeed not just through physical marketing but even on the Internet.

Digital Marketing trends that business owners should follow - Techno Infonet

The digital marketing industry is complex and is changing all the time.

Why SEO is highly essential for your business website?

SEO is such a big buzz-word today that every small or large scale business organisation knows about what it is. It is one of the highly essential ingredient to run your business online.

How PHP technology can greatly improve your business prospects?

We are already well aware that how website for a business is important in today’s small internet world although it is very big.