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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
Headline for 5 ways to ensure your tires safety – Dos and Don’ts.
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5 ways to ensure your tires safety – Dos and Don’ts.

Taking proper care of your tires will ensure the safety of your entire construction fleet. Machine operators and owners should take good care of their tires in order to eliminate any unnecessary risks.


Don’t under ply

Tire owners should take into consideration that when selecting new bias tires, the ply rating should match the application and the equipment. The ply rating measures the load carrying capacity and the strength of the tires. It is recommended that you pick a tire that has the lowest inflation pressure and after selecting the tire, remember not to overload the machine, as this will cause serious safety hazards.


Properly inflate tires

Properly inflating your tires to ensure it has the recommended pressure makes a big image on the tires and the performance of your machine. A proper inflation of tires will not only prolong its lifespan but will ensure you get the most advantage out of it. The biggest misconception is that all tires can be inflated the same level. Depending on your working environment, load capacity and the type of tire, the pressure will vary. It should also be noted that during the day, tire pressures can change often. Therefore, it is recommended that you should the tire pressure before operating the machine and daily checks should be carried out to check that the tire is properly inflated.


Tire operators

A comprehensive training should be undertaken by tire operators. They should be given the proper rules on how to operate the machine, i.e. taking sharp turns and stops can seriously increase the wear and tear of the tire and shorten its lifespan. High speeds can cause the tire to overheat and degrade quite rapidly, especially if your load is heavy. Forklift tires in particular need to be properly taken care of as there are various tire types, offered by suppliers such as GRI Tires, that’s suitable for specific working conditions.


Maintenance Program

If you’re operating a large fleet of industrial machines, maintaining a program for operators to stick to will be highly beneficial. Ensure that workers are given ample training on how to check, maintain and repair tires and the machine, which will not only improve the lifespan of the tire, but will also save you money if the problem is fixed when it’s small, rather than having to replace the machine if it crashes due to bad tire maintenance. Once operators conduct daily checks on tires, rest assured that your fleet of industrial machines will be used to its maximum value. Many manufacturers will provide a maintenance schedule.


Check tires regularly

Tires can wear fast for a number of reasons, however, you can make the optimum use of it by carrying out routine checks such as checking for pressure, leaks, lose tread, foreign objects piercing the tire, etc. Regular inspection is necessary in order to ensure your machines run smoothly without risking any harm to those in the working environment.

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