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Updated by Joanna James on May 02, 2024
Headline for Crazy Fun Indoor Games for Kids in Abu Dhabi - Let them Run Wild!
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Crazy Fun Indoor Games for Kids in Abu Dhabi - Let them Run Wild!

Heading over to Abu Dhabi for a holiday and worried about your high energy kids getting bored and grumpy? Here's how to keep your little devils preoccupied when in amazing Abu Dhabi.



Are you constantly on the edge with your kid's high voltage energy? Well with Bounce you can help your child direct that energy into a fun and fit activity rather than your poor nerves. This Australian free jump revolution has been quite popular in Abu Dhabi since its launch in 2016, especially among youngsters. So what exactly is it, you ask? Bounce is exactly as it sounds, a playground filled with giant pillows, trampolines, and slides to bounce and bounce to your heart's content! There are also exciting dodgeball games and zip lines for the more daring souls. Kids only over that aged 3 and duly potty trained are allowed to play here. Got a birthday coming up? Bounce will be the perfect venue for your little one's special day as a celebration here includes snacks and cakes and one hour with the party host.

Bounce is located at Level 1 of the Marina Mall and is open from 10 am to 10 pm from Saturdays to Wednesdays and 10 am to 12 am from Thursdays to Fridays.


Adventure Zone by Adventure HQ

Here's where your little devils can run wild and free while being safe and carefully supervised. The Adventure Zone by Adventure HQ has two branches in Abu Dhabi, one is located Yas Mall while the other at the Dalma Mall. Each has its own unique set of activities and adventures so it's good to check both of them out. At the zone in Al Dalma, there are 5 adventures zones namely the Skate Park, boulder wall, pump track, cable climb and trampolines. At Yas. You get a climbing pinnacle, low ropes course, high ropes course, caving, boulder wall and zip lines. Additionally, both zones at Yas and Al Dalma have a special "Lodge" to host kid's parties.

Originally this amazing place started out quite small as just a retail store with products for the outdoors but then they added the Adventure Zone which proved to be quite a success. While the kids play to their heart's content, the parents can shop relaxed without having anyone nagging.


Little World Fun Discovery Centre

Sure you want your kids to play but you also want them to learn right? Enter the Little World Fun Discovery Centre where your children can have fun and learn at the same time. Located at the Nation Galleria Mall at the Corniche, this centre offers plenty of 'edutaintement' activities that are designed to let kids get physical, mentally challenged and creative. There are different sections that your child can play at such as The Enchanted Tree House, the backyard and the theatre.


My Works at Fun Works Yas Mall

My Works at Fun Works is a simply fabulous zone where you get 10 different areas such as car works, bake works, building works, energy works, recycling works and artworks. There's also a Mini Works section for kids under the age of 3 as well as a gigantic multi-level Wizz Works section.


Teen's Club

So far we've focused on kids, but here's one for the teens. When you're on holiday with the family it can be really hard to keep the teens from getting bored and complaining especially when you want to go on an Abu Dhabi desert tour or any other activity that might be a little too dangerous to take them along. So, the next time you're booking your holiday in Abu Dhabi make sure to book with a place like Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara where they have Teens Club which is an interactive and entertaining hub featuring billiards, video games, and table tennis.