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Headline for Water Activities Near Tangalle Sri Lanka – the beach is more than just for endless lounging!
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Water Activities Near Tangalle Sri Lanka – the beach is more than just for endless lounging!

While Tangalle is not easy to get to, the beautiful beaches and the wildness of the location makes it a real treat to visit. Here we list the top activities to try out during your stay in the town.



With glorious beaches and clean unpolluted waters, swimming in these parts of the country is a real joy. However, while it might be tempting to jump into the nearest water body, refrain from doing so until you get an expert's judgment on which beach to swim at. The majority of the locations around Tangalle have strong seas and currents that make swimming dangerous. The weather plays a key role too. If the weather seems gloomy, stay away from the beach for a while and venture out only when it is sunny. If you are spending your stay at a villa like Ranna House the help desk is sure to help you with where to swim and where not to swim. For a change of experience try going for a dip in a fresh water river but ensure you follow the same rules.


White Water Rafting

An excellent and exhilarating experience, White Water Rafting is a great activity to try out with family members. An activity that is quickly turning famous, many operators allow you to rent the equipment and teach you the ropes. Furthermore, they are always at hand to ensure everything runs along smoothly while jackets are provided to keep everyone safe. Overall it is a rather interesting experience.


Boat riding

The Tangalle Lagoon is a great location to ride around in a boat. Few minutes off the main roads, getting to the lagoon is not a difficult task and should you ask anyone, they will gladly point out the directions. Skimming around the lagoon in a boat will also allow you to view the diverse birdlife residing in the lagoon and its mangrove swamps. A camera is a necessity during this trip as most of the birds you come across are rare and you are unlikely to see them again. The marine life in the waters is budding too and you are will see monitor lizards and iguanas. Another necessary addition is sunscreen as you will be directly exposed to the strong sun for hours at a stretch. Aside from the boat ride, the Tangalle Lagoon has plenty to see which makes it one of the top places to visit in Tangalle.



Kayaking in either the Tangalle Lagoon or the Tangalle River further inland is a joyous experience that brings you up and close to many wonderful sights and wildlife. This is mainly because of the many mangrove trees present in the water bodies. They hide a large number of endemic birds while the marshes hide even more surprises. The lagoon has many other nooks and crannies that are worth taking a peek into. The best times to kayak in these waters is during the mornings and the evenings.