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Headline for Top 5 Cultural Attractions in Johor – Exploring the rich heritage of the Southern State
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Top 5 Cultural Attractions in Johor – Exploring the rich heritage of the Southern State

Johor, a state in the South of Malaysia, is famed for its beaches and forests. However, underneath all that is a rich history and culture that spans centuries and is totally worth diving into.


Danga Bay Marina Club

Although this is not exactly an old location that is deeply embedded in the region's history, the Danga Bay Marina Club is an iconic location that is sure to be a slice in the modern history of the city. It is a waterfront attraction that has a wide number of attractions. These include a man made beach, a marina, a playground with a multitude of activities and events, numerous restaurants and a large walkway that borders the water if you are in the mood for a leisurely stroll. Finding a good Johor Hotel in the vicinity is not difficult to do.


High Court Building

Since Malaysia was once a country under Colonial rule, one can find many vintage buildings that display the elaborate British architecture of the long gone era. A fine example of this old architecture is the High Court Building. It comes complete with a massive garden that has a fountain in the middle, all of which perfectly compliment the building which rises in the backdrop. The fountain bears the coat of arms of Johor. The High Court Building even has its own replica at Legoland, such is its popularity among the locals.


Sultan Ibrahim Building

A historical landmark in the city, the Sultan Ibrahim Building is widely known for its grand style that perfectly infuses together the best of Western and Eastern architecture. It was once the tallest building in the country and plays a deep role in Malaysia's rich history. It was used as a fortress by the Japanese at one point and later on as the state secretariat building till the end of 2009. Around four kilometres from hotels such as Berjaya Waterfront Hotel, it is open only on weekdays so plan your visit around those dates.


Johor Bahru Chinese Museum

Of course, the inclusion of a museum in a list of cultural viewpoints should not be a surprise! Referred to as Tiong Hua Museum in some corners, the museum gives visitors a vivid description of the arrival of the Chinese and their subsequent settlement in the state. Furthermore, the museum allows a person to discover details on the Chinese lifestyle and culture. The Johor Bahru Chinese Museum is closed on Mondays in case you want to visit.


Johor Bahru Old Chinese Temple

Perfused in history and culture, this sacred temple unites all the Chinese minorities. This was accomplished by the inclusion of all the related divine beings. A key highlight in the city, this place of worship is a must visit attraction for anyone looking for a cultural trip. The temple is said to be one hundred and thirty years old, making it one of the oldest buildings in Johor Bahru. As expected, the architecture features signs of the classic Chinese style while the incense sticks and the well placed trees and shrubbery add to the overall beauty of this hallowed location.

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