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List of Waterfalls in Kandy – Experiencing nature's breathtaking wonders

Kandy, the famed city in Central Sri Lanka is well known for a number of things. One of its less spoken-about attractions is the sheer amount of breathtaking waterfalls around the city.


Ramboda Falls

Known to be one of the tallest of its kind in the vicinity, – its 11th on the list of tallest waterfalls in Sri Lanka – the Ramboda Falls stand at a height of 109 m. A particularly unique feature of this waterfall is that it is fed by two different tributaries which meet somewhere close to the half way point of the waterfall, which gives the waterfall a Y shape to it. The Ramboda Falls are present in the Pussellawa area and while that might be difficult to get to for some, most Kandy hotels, the likes of Amaya Hills can take you on a tour of the waterfall.


Hunas Falls

Safe to say, this is one of the most striking waterfalls on this list. Present a bit off Kandy, Hunas Falls is close to a rural village. While the bellowing waterfall is a mesmerizing sight by itself, the surrounding unspoiled environment complete with lush vegetation simply creates a much more beautiful site. Standing at forty eight meters, the waterfall is more than twelve meters wide too. The location for many folklores of the area, Hunas Falls is a must visit for anyone in the area. It is located in the Knuckles range which is famed for experiencing every climate condition in Sri Lanka.


Ratna Ella

Another waterfall steeped in local folklore, Ratna Ella tops around one hundred meters, however, rather than a long drop over the escarpment, the water cascades over multiple rock faces giving viewers a spectacular view. Drop in right after a heavy day of showers to see the waterfall in all its glory! The name means "field of gems" because according to myth the plunge pool and the surrounding water hide seven containers filled with gold and precious stones. The waterfall also provides much needed irrigation to the nearby paddy fields. However, to reach this waterfall, you need to go on a trek through a jungle so this is not something for the physically unfit. On the plus side, this jungle surrounding adds to the eerie and natural state of the waterfall.


Huluganga Ella Falls

Present about 30 KM from Kandy, this is not close either but the long journey here is totally worth it. Standing at seventy meters, the Huluganga Ella Falls originate from the Knuckles range too and is present at a village that goes by the same name. The waterfall is highly revered by the locals as they consider it part of their identity. It also sees a steady stream of visitors all year round so getting to this waterfall is not as difficult as you might assume. One main reason for its popularity is due to the fact that the Huluganga Ella Falls are the biggest contributors to the country's water supply system. If you do want to visit this waterfall, ask directions to the village first. Once at the village, getting to the waterfall is a simple task.