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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
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How to Find the Right Apartment - Tips to Find the Apartment of Your Dreams

Some say that apartment hunting is all about luck, but actually, it's perseverance and planning that lands you in your dream home. Here are 9 tips to help you find the perfect apartment.


Set a Budget Range

You want it all, spacious living rooms, perfect location and stunning window views and then you get carried away, overlook the rental price and the next thing you know you're paying more than what you can handle. Here's how to avoid all that, set a budget. Before you begin your search sit down and analyse your financial situation. Take into consideration all your other expenses like electricity/ water, food, transport, social activities...etc. When you set a budget, you avoid putting yourself in the situation of paying for something that you have to comprise your happiness and state of mind.


Consider Time of Year

There's a time for everything, even apartment hunting. The time that you're looking for an apartment definitely has an impact on what you will be paying for rent. There might be plenty of apartments available during holidays like Christmas and Avurudu, but the prices are bound to be much higher as this is the time that people look for places.


Narrow Down Your Search

While it's absolutely essential that you visit the place you're considering renting, visiting every apartment you see online is a total waste of time. Which is why narrowing down your options according to your requirements and budget makes it much easier. Once you've narrowed down your options, say from 10 to 3 or 2, start comparing their pros and cons. For example, sure the apartment in the suburbs is spacious and affordable but say if it's a luxury residence in Colombo at somewhere like One Galle Face, you will be avoiding that crazy Colombo traffic while commuting to work and get a better quality of life with free access to swimming pool, gym, and other bonuses.


Stay Organized

When you've done so much research, visiting and consideration, it's hard to keep track of all the details. Therefore, its necessary that you stay organized in your mission. Create an Excel spreadsheet with a row for each apartment option and have columns filled out in front with address, neighbourhood (friendly or dodgy?), and a number of bedrooms, price (obviously), contact info and finally status (emailed? Called? Appointment set?).

When you're going to the apartment viewing make sure to carry a notebook and pen and jot down any information you think is vital.


Be Prepared to Negotiate

When you have visited a few apartments, you can try negotiating with the landlord in the apartment that you have your heart set on. When they get to know you have other options its possible that they might consider adjusting the monthly rent a bit. If you're renting an apartment complex check if they have any seasonal discounts.


Ask Questions

Don't forget to ask these important questions before you start renting.
What are the lease terms? 6 Months?1 Year?
Is there any key money or income requirements? (Do you need to make 2x or 3x the rent?)
Does the landlord allow a guarantor?
Are there laundry facilities in the unit?
Are electricity and water covered by the rent or do you have to pay separately?