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SEO Blogs

Different Blogs related to SEO And SMO.

Business Listing-Off page SEO techniques to promote your Business

A business listing is an online listing of the business category on different websites where most of your customers/prospective customers might visit often. Business listings are the starting point for consumer research and are important because they maintain the consistency of contact information for your business online, including business name, physical address, phone number, etc. It helps in local SEO purpose.In this blog, thewebomania will provide you well-known business listing sites 2018.

Benefits of Classified Listing- Off page SEO techniques

Classified submission is one of the most influential ways to let the world know about your business and services. It includes the SEO strategies for website promotion by driving potential buyers and generating sales for products or services. It push-ups your website getting sufficient traffic and to gain more exposure and rating ratio. What is classified listing? Why is classified important for SEO purpose? Latest techniques and tips for classified listing for SEO.

Web 2.0 submission- Latest SEO techniques.

Web 2.0 refers to World Wide Web websites that emphasize user-generated content, usability, and interoperability for end users. Web 2.0 is also known as the 2nd generation of World Wide Web. It also defines websites that use technology further than the static pages of sites. Know more about concept and features on web2.0 websites provided by thewebomania on the blog.

Local and International SEO- Improve your SEO strategy

SEO basically is a practice of optimizing your website to improve search engine rankings. There are different types of SEO of which Local SEO and International SEO are the examples. Local search engine optimization is a process of optimizing business online to generate traffic (local customers) from location-based searching.Know about Local and International SEO, Url structure(ccTLD) for international SEO. Local SEO techniques and tips to enhancing your Local and International SEO.

What is Black Hat SEO? Avoid Black hat SEO Techniques

Black Hat SEO is a practice that helps in improving the page rank in the search engine but it does not follow search engine rules which result in website penalties. It violates the rules and regulation of the search engine. Once search engines find your violation, your site can be penalized with a low ranking or even banned permanently.Know about black hat seo techniques provided by thewebomania.

Hidden Text or Links- Black Hat SEO Techniques

Hidden text is the textual content that is almost invisible or completely invisible to web page users but not to the search engines spiders. Know more about various hidden text techniques on the blog provided by thewebomania.

Link Manipulation- The risky Black Hat Process

Link manipulation is the technique in which the phisher or hackers send a link to the website and manipulates the link in such a way that it’s become difficult for the user to identify whether it is a correct website or not. know more about Link manipulation techniques and precautions shared by thewebomania. Know about various Black Hat process.

What are Doorway Pages? Black Hat technique

Doorway Pages are the simple web pages added to a website solely to target a specific keyword phrase or phrases. The purpose of doorway pages is to send website visitors to a different webpage. In seo, this is one type of tactics used in Black Hat Search Engine Optimization. These doorway pages are created which will be visible only to search engine and the search engine spider.know about various method of keyword stuffing.

What is Keyword Stuffing- How to avoid it?

An SEO technique used by web designers to overload keywords onto a webpage so that search engines will read the page as being relevant in a web search. As we know that search engines scan web pages for the words that are entered in the search criteria by the user, the more times a keyword appears on the webpage the more relevancy the search engine will assign to the page in search results. Know about various process for keyword stuffing. How to increase traffic without doing keyword stuffing?

What is cloaking? Why you shouldn’t do it?

Cloaking is an IP diversion technique for Ranking, Black Hat SEO process. Know about Cloaking methods and how cloaking is actually done?

Content Automation | The Webomania Defination

Content Automation is a technique of black hat Seo that helps organizations modernize and streamline systems and processes for creating, managing, publishing, and delivering Automated content. Why content automation is used? know about Steps for content automation.

Sneaky Redirects- Don’t use, You will be banned by Search Engine.

What is Sneaky Redirects? Black Hat SEO Process. Key points and Aim of Sneaky redirects.

Article Spinning- Is it a Black Hat process?

Article spinning is the process of re-writing the existing article to create different versions of the same article in order to avoid duplicate content issues that can result in a penalty from search engines like Google. Simply we can say some people spin content all the time when they write in order to avoid plagiarism.Know types of article spinning and main causes about why it is bad for website ranking by thewebomania

Protect your site from “Negative SEO”. | The Webomania Suggestion

Negative SEO is the act of using Black Hat SEO on other websites in order to get them penalized by Google. Know what it is what types there are, and how to protect your website from its bad impacts by thewebomania.

Guest posting network - Black hat process?

“Guest posting” means writing and publishing an article on someone else’s website or blog in order to build relationships, exposure, authority, and links. It’s a great way to connect with new readers. know the reasons behind the fall of guest posting by thewebomania.