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Updated by Ayunature Care Clinic on Jun 12, 2019
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Ayunature Care Clinic is operated and handled by Dr. Renuka Siddhapura. We offer various types of Treatments by different Therapies.

Garbh Sanskar Seminar

Garbh Sanskar Seminar by Dr. Renuka Siddhapura


Benefits of Ayurvedic Treatment

Benefits of Ayurvedic Treatment

Ayurvedic cures are time tried for their benefits. Ayurvedic treatments are thought to enhance both physical and psychological wellness, and general personal satisfaction.

Ayurvedic Treatment For Weight Loss

Ayurvedic treatment for weight loss is the thing that you are hunting down. Ayurveda isn’t just a plan of medication, it’s a way of life, and Ayurvedic treatment for weight loss is normal and non- prominent.

Skin Pigmentation Treatment with Ayurvedic

The aloe vera has the therapeutic property that mellows the skin and it battles maturing. As a pigmentation treatment,it helps in peeling, skin fixing and helping.

Drinks for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is on the climb among men of all ages, with shy of what one out of four men searching for ED treatment.


Ayurvedic Treatment of Dry Cough

Ayurvedic Treatment of Dry Cough

If you are suffering from dry cough for longtime then you take a best advice from Ayurvedic Doctors. Ayurvedic medicine gives amazing results within two days.

Ayurvedic Treatment For Weight Loss

Many people benefited by our ayurvedic weight loss treatment in Ahmedabad. Ayurveda has dependably proliferated an extensive variety of medicines for various pains with expansive outcomes.


Happy Women's Day

Happy Women's Day

The patience to listen, the strength to support, care is just in a woman.

Happy Women's Day

Erectile Dysfunction: Exercise Helps Prevent

Normal exercise is fundamental to avert and oversee erectile dysfunction (ED) issue. Exercise is a key to lead a more dynamic and acceptable sexual life.

A patient‘s review for Panchkarma Treatment and Shirodhara Treatment of Ayunature Care Clinic

A patient‘s review for Panchkarma Treatment and Shirodhara Treatment of Ayunature Care Clinic.

Infertility Treatment What Are the Possibilities of Pregnancy

The purposes behind infertility in ladies could be the inadequate creation of hormones or ovulation related issues. Infertility treatment is more typical in women than men in India.

True Story for Panchakarma Treatment at Ayunature Care Clinic

*Panchakarma *is an indispensable piece of Ayurveda which accomplishes an adjusted condition of body, psyche and awareness through detoxification and revival.

Ayurvedic Infertility Treatment A Simple Way to Boost Your Fertility – Ayurvedic Doctors

Is it accurate to say that you are searching for an ayurvedic infertility treatment and a straightforward method to support your fertility?


Best Ayurvedic Treatment in Ahmedabad

Best Ayurvedic Treatment in Ahmedabad

Ayunature Care Clinic provides best Ayurvedic and Natural Treatment Specially for women like: Infertility, PCOD, Prenatal Care.

The Rational and Medical Causes of Sleeping on the Left Side of Bed at Night

How many benefits are there to stay on the left side..! Sleeping at the left will reduce the bones of spinal cord . If you have pain in the waist permanently, your waist pain reduces by lying on the left side.

Accept these Six Mantras to Live a Healthy Life for a Long Time – Ayurvedic Doctors

According to a Japanese doctor, if these 6 mantras are assimilated in life, then we can stay healthy for a long time. Such are the six mantras which are worth keeping in mind in life.

Are Looking For the Perfect Weight Loss Treatment? – Ayurvedic Doctors

As opposed to this, it is adroit to pick the right** weight loss treatment **for your body. Understanding the right strategy is the thing that you need to do first.


Weight Loss Treatment in Ahmedabad

Weight Loss Treatment in Ahmedabad

Ayunature Care Clinic provide Weight Loss Treatments most effective weight loss programs in Ahmedabad. We offer various weight loss treatments with Ayurveda.

Sexual Problems in Male and Female

There are many problems in female and male sexual. Any sort of sexual dysfunction can bring about restless evenings.

Resolve Sexual Problems with the Help of Ayurveda

Suitable pharmaceutical is proposed after the finding. When you take the privilege Ayurvedic medicines for sexual problems, the impact is mind boggling in reality.

Hair Fall Treatment and Hair Regrow Treatment PRP by Ayunature Care Clinic

Ayunature Care Clinic is one of the best Ayurveda center for Hair Fall Treatment and Hair Regrow Treatment PRP in Ahmedabad.

Know the Essentials Prior To the Treatment of Tattoo Removal

Stressed over your deep rooted, stale tattoo? You can pick laser tattoo removal benefit in case you're extremely tired of it.

Ayurvedic Treatment is Enormously Compelling in Reducing Weight

There are different communities for Weight Loss Treatment in Ahmedabad, in view of Ayurvedic ideas. They treat the issue comprehensively.

In what capacity would Ayurveda be able to Assist You with Weight Loss?

Today, you can look into the web and educate yourself about Ayurvedic Weight Loss Treatment in Ahmedabad. Ayurvedic treatment - to begin off with - can enable you to get more fit in a sheltered and proficient way.

ભૂખ્યા પેટે પાણી પીવાના ફાયદા

જાપાનમાં** સવારે ઉઠીને તરત પાણી પીવાની પ્રથા** અત્યંત લોકપ્રિય છે. અને હમણાજ થયેલા સંશોધનો એ વાત ને માન્યતા પણ આપે છે.અમે અમારા મિત્રો માટે પાણી ના ફાયદાઓ વર્ણવી રહ્યા છીએ. જાપાન મેડીકલ એસોસિએશના જણાવ્યા પ્રમાણે જુના હઠીલા અસાધ્ય રોગો અને આધુનિક સમયના રોગો ઉપર પાણીનો ઈલાજ ખુબજ અસરકારક પરિણામો આપે છે.- જેવાકે માથાનો દુખાવો, શરીરનો દુખાવો, હૃદયની સમસ્યાઓ, જુનો સાંધાનો વા, હૃદયના ધબકારા એકાએક વધી જવા, વાઈ(ફીટ આવવી), મેદસ્વીતા, શ્વસનતંત્રનારોગો અસ્થમા, ટી.બી., મેનેન્જાઇટિસ, કીડની અને મૂત્રમાર્ગના રોગો, ઉલટી, ગેસની સમસ્યા, ઝાડા, મળમાર્ગમાં મસા, ડાયાબીટીસ, કબજીયાત, આંખોના બધા પ્રકારના વિકારો, ગર્ભાશયને લગતી સમસ્યાઓ, માસિકની સમસ્યાઓ, કેન્સર, કાન-નાક અને ગળાની તક્લીફો.