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Headline for Important Eye Care Tips for People Who Wear Spectacles – keeping your eyes safe and healthy!
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Important Eye Care Tips for People Who Wear Spectacles – keeping your eyes safe and healthy!

If you are wearing glasses, it means your eyes – the most sensitive part of your body - are already weakened. Here we bring you the best tips to keep them healthy and safe.


Wear glasses at all times!

We can all name a person or two who is carefree about the use of glasses. This might be because the glasses do not look good on them or they just do not like the idea of it. Whatever the reason, this is unadvised and it can be dangerous. Not using your glasses will cause you to strain your eyes much more than usual. This constant strain is sure to wear down your eyesight even more and has the potential to lead on to bigger eye issues. This is why you are advised to wear spectacles at all times.


Keep your spectacles clean 24/7

When you have smudged spectacles or dusty spectacles, they can obstruct your vision and cause headaches. A suggested remedy to this issue is to regularly clean your spectacles with a good cleaning solution and a cleaning cloth. Pro tip; keep the cleaning cloth with you at all times so you can easily clean smudges and dust off at any time. While most people use any cloth they see to wipe their glasses, this is a bad move and should be avoided.


Choose spectacles that are comfortable to wear

When choosing your spectacles, make sure that they fit you well and are the right size for you. Another thing to remember is to go for spectacles that are light. Going for heavy eyewear can hurt your face during prolonged use.


Do not skimp on the eye check ups

Eye checks are an absolute necessity for just about anyone. It's even more crucial for someone who is already wearing glasses. Not only will it keep you up to date with your eye condition, it can also help identify eye problems during their early stages. With many opticians in Sri Lanka, the likes of Vision Care Optical Services, getting an eye checkup done is not a difficult task anymore.


Make sure your eyes get plenty of breaks

Working at a stretch is not good for the entire body but is even more strenuous on your eyes as they are constantly in motion. Make it a point to take short breaks every few hours. Not just work, breaks are necessary when you are engaging in activities like reading. To relax your eyes, focus on items that are around six meters or more away.


Quit reading in unfavourable conditions

This means you should avoid reading when there is not sufficient lighting. This increases the strain on an individual's eyes and if you are wearing spectacles, it is important to do your best to avoid overstraining your eyes. Reading when you are moving around, such as in a car or a train is also something that you should stop doing as it can have adverse effects on you.

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