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First Choice Trucking, Inc.

We at First Choice Trucking, Inc. understand the urgency and the need for a professional and dedicated auto transportation service. All too often, you’re worried about whether or not your car shipment arrives at its destination on time and without damages.

5 General Pointers in Choosing an Auto Transport Company

Are you planning to transport your own car from your old house to your new house? Are you shipping a new car as a gift to your loved one who lives in another place? Whatever the reason may be, you surely need the best Transportation Services to handle this delicate shipment for you.

Did You Buy a Car from Another State?

You can purchase just about everything you need off of the internet, from food and medicine to even cars. There are numerous websites you can use to find the car of your dreams. But sometimes, you will find an amazing deal that is too good to pass up but the car is in a different state, so what are you supposed to do? You do not want to let this deal go because you will never find one just as good. However, the car is too far for you to pick up. First Choice Trucking, Inc. offers the solution through our convenient and affordable auto transportation services in Charlotte, North Carolina.

How Does Auto Transport Work?

Auto transport services are used for numerous purposes such as transporting vehicles purchased off of the internet or for transporting your own vehicles from one location to another. First Choice Trucking, Inc. offers exceptional and affordable auto transportation services in Charlotte, North Carolina that can help you get your vehicles where they need to be.

Shipping a Car You Purchased Across the Country

Purchased a car from another state? You have a number of options to get it back home but the easiest is through our Auto Transportation Services in Charlotte North Carolina. First Choice Trucking, Inc. specialized in coast to coast transportation services of vehicles of all kinds. When you purchase a vehicle in another state, we offer the shipping services you need to get that vehicle to your property as quickly and affordably as possible.

Need to Transport Multiple Cars?

Moving across the country can be an exciting time but it does present a number of logistical challenges. If you have more than one car, it can be a hassle to get them all to your new home without bringing additional drivers and having to pay more and more fees along the way due to food, fuel, and accommodations as you travel across the country.

4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Choosing an Auto Transportation Company

Choosing Auto Transportation Services in Charlotte North Carolina guarantees that you will be spoilt for choice. While this can be a good thing for clients who already know what they want, it can be confusing for those who literally have no idea where to start. In plenty of cases, you always begin with your needs. Make sure to ask yourself these questions before making the decision to work with an auto transportation company:

4 Things to Keep in Mind When Shipping Priceless Cargo

There are times when you have to have your most prized possessions in life shipped to a particular destination.

4 Smart Tips to Keep You Safe from Auto Transportation Scams

You can never be too safe on the internet. If you’re not careful, you could get scammed right off the bat. Prevent yourself from getting conned by learning a few tricks up your sleeve:

Why You Should Consider an Auto Transportation Service

When you need to move multiple cars across the country, you may be wondering why you need to hire transportation services.

What Can You Expect from Our Vehicle Transportation Services?

First Choice Trucking, Inc. offers premier auto transportation services in Charlotte, North Carolina. Through our transportation services, we offer various options with regards to efficient vehicle transportation.

9 Steps on How You Should Prepare Your Car for Transport

If you have engaged in Transportation Services to ship your car from one area to another, preparing it for the ride is definitely necessary. Here are things that you need to look into carefully to complete the preparations:

Summer Versus Winter: When Is the Best Time for You to Transport Your Vehicle?

Believe it or not, the seasons and the weather actually play a big role in the shipping industry. Being able to understand how these things can affect auto transport services can aid you in planning your schedule for shipping your car.

Auto Transportation Services | NC | First Choice Trucking, Inc.

Please call 704-209-9006 to request for Auto Transportation, Coast to Coast Transportation or Trucking Services from First Choice Trucking, Inc.

Auto Transportation: Choosing a Trailer

When it comes down to trailers, you will have two options. You can go for an open trailer or an enclosed trailer. Both trailers have their pros and cons but, here is what you should know

Is Auto Transportation Worth Your Time?

It is not worth it if you need to move your car down the block, but it can be a convenient way to get your vehicle from one state to another. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you are on the fence about auto transportation services

Auto Transportation Services | Charlotte NC | First Choice Trucking

You can learn more on Auto Transportation by calling First Choice Trucking, Inc. at 704-209-9006. Thank you for choosing us for your vehicle transportation.

Transporting your Vehicles Made Easy

Need to move from one side of the country to the other? This can leave you in quite a predicament if you own multiple vehicles. You could ask your friends and family to drive them down for you but when you are going long distance, this may be impractical as they also have their own responsibilities and schedules to attend to. So what are you supposed to do? Our auto transportation services in Charlotte, North Carolina provide the solution you are looking for.

Need Help Purchasing a Car From a Different State?

Did you find the car of your dreams and it is a deal you simply cannot pass up but it is in a different state? This can provide a unique challenge but just because it is far, it does not mean you have to let it go. Through our auto transportation services in Charlotte, North Carolina we are able to bring that vehicle straight to your driveway. Here are a few of the many ways our transportation services can help you purchase vehicles from different states or from distant areas