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Updated by Daniel Robison on Dec 29, 2021
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Top 10 TV Beauties of the 60s

Oh growing up a young boy in the 1960s. We got to see the transition from B&W to Color TV but my favorite was all the beautiful women that came into our homes every week. Here is our top 10 list of beauties that visited us every week. Who was your favorite? Is there someone else you would put on this list?

10 - Anne Marie (Marlo Thomas)

Oh yes I so remember Anne Marie and watching this intro every week. Something about Marlo Thomas that just attracted us to her. She was so much fun to watch back then and easy on the eyes as well!

9 - Ginger (Tina Louise)

Some may have her higher on their list and after watching this clip we're wondering if we should have as well but everyone remembers Ginger. The sexy actress that always kept it interesting on Gilligan's Island.

8 - Samantha Stevens (Elizabeth Montgomery)

Samantha was, without a doubt, our favorite witch. And the cute way she cast her spells put us in a hypnotic state every time. It's no wonder Darren fell in love with her. I think most of us would have put up with Endora and her crazy relatives!!

7 - Lisa Douglas (Eva Gabor)

Her looks alone would make you turn your head. Add the accent and her comedy and Lisa Douglas is one of the main reasons we even turned on Green Acres every week. While she would have rather stayed in New York we're glad she moved to Green Acres with outside showers!!


6 - Judy Robinson - Marta Kristen

6 - Judy Robinson - Marta Kristen

This was one we couldn't find a good video for but we can replay many episodes of Lost in Space in our mind and Judy Robinson definitely gets our vote of approval! Marta Kristen really brought this character to life and we were always kind of envious of Don West.

5 - Emma Peel (Diana Riggs)

We don't know if we ever really enjoyed the plot of The Avengers. It was a very popular show that aired from 1961 - 1969. But we do know that we always enjoyed seeing Miss Peel in her leather outfits. As a matter of fact outfits is what makes up our top 5 and Diana Riggs is a great start.

4 - Batgirl - Yvonne Craig

Oh that purple outfit! While Barbra Gordan was cute when she became her alter ego she was a knockout! Yvonne Craig was the perfect fit for this character and her walk really kept your attention.

3 - Catwoman - Julie Newmar

You can't talk about the 60's beautiful woman without mentioning Catwoman. Sticking with our Batman theme here is yet another outfit we loved to watch "Same Bat Time .... Same Bat Channel!" While more than one person played Catwoman in the Batman TV series, Julie Newmar WAS Catwoman and I'm sure Adam West would have agreed!!

2 - Mary Ann - Dawn Wells

While all of the men on the island, including the visitors, went gaga over Ginger all of us at home were with Gilligan! Mary Ann is the farmers daughter we all dream about. We must admit we always looked forward to the hot pants and tied top!!

1 - Jeannie - Barbara Eden

Was there any doubt? And the producers told Barbara she couldn't show her bellybutton. And we all said, "We aren't looking at the belly anyway!" Jeannie was a must watch for young boys back in the 1960s for good reason. Every time Tony treated Jeannie less than perfect we always thought, "Give me a shot Jeannie!" Would we even care if we got our wishes granted?