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8 Reasons to visit the world's richest city - Why Doha should be on your bucket list

The world's richest city – Doha, Qatar is one of the best places to visit if you have the ways and means to do so. Here's why.



If you thought shopping at Dubai was out of this world, you are going to be rendered speechless when you visit Doha. The high rise shopping complexes provide a much-needed reprieve from the heat, and the architecture and facilities available at these malls are simply phenomenal. In fact, there is a mall with a Venetian theme, where you can sail in an indoor canal.



There aren't that many places in the world where you can go shopping for falcons. Falcons are an integral part of the local culture, with men owning a falcon as a part of their rite of passage. These birds of prey are not cheap to purchase but definitely, work as a symbol of status and richness in the country.


Camel racing

Who wants to watch same old horse racing, when there is camel racing to see. Doha is one of the few places in the world where camel racing is a popular activity. In fact, there is a TV channel dedicated to camel racing. The season for camel races is between November and February. It is not a regular activity though. Camel racing is often called the "sport of the sheikhs".


Man-made islands

While there are many natural beauties around the world, it is not often that you find man-made wonders. Doha is one place to witness these. Just as Dubai has its Palm Jumeirah, Doha has the Pearl. It is a collection of man-made islands where malls, apartments, and a number of 5 star hotels in Doha are to be found. It is, in fact, the most expensive place to live in the country.


Fancy hotels

Hotels in Doha are an art unto its own. Of course, there are smaller but luxurious abodes like Souq Waqif Boutique Hotels. Then there are hotels at the other end of the spectrum, which have gold plated washrooms and18-karat gold serving as mere decoration. These hotels appear to be made for more than mere humans, strongly reminiscent of Egyptian Gods and Kings.


Culture Hub

Doha is more than a mere collection of buildings that serve as a playground for the world's millionaires. It is also a place for culture and art, serving as a cultural hub in the Middle East. The Museum of Islamic Arts in Doha is where the largest collection of Islamic art in the world can be found. The Museum itself is an amazing structure, dwarfed only by the artefacts housed within.


Gastronomical experience

As much there are options for the shopping enthusiast to go crazy, there is a lot of the foodie too. From popular restaurants run by Michelin chefs to local food prepared according to traditional recipes, there is a lot to experience in terms of food and culture in Doha.


Official Airlines

The official airline of Doha has been awarded the best airline of the year, time and time again. If you happen to fly with the official airline to Qatar, you are privy to a whole host of privileges that are not available for any other.

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