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Scandinavian or Italian kitchens: Which is better?

People wonder what kitchen design is better. Scandinavian or Italian? It really depends on what the homeowner likes due to the design, color, or some...

How to Design A Premium Kitchen for Your Home

The kitchen is an integral room for any home and designing one that suits you and your lifestyle can be a defining factor in creating a living space that is both comfortable and practical for you and…

How To Get High Quality Appliances For Your Kitchen For Low Cost

If you are finding Kitchen Contractor in Boca Raton to Redesign Your Kitchen then you can contact Premium Kitchens contractor in Florida. Our Kitchens contractor helps you to plan how you can Redesign Your Kitchen.

7 Rustic kitchen design ideas

Rustic kitchens offer a cosy “at-home feeling” that modern hi-gloss and minimalist kitchens can only dream of. If you are planning your own rustic or country-style modern kitchen, think about the essential ingredients first and other considerations could follow. Important features of a rustic kitchen include a range cooker, a butler-style white ceramic sink, wooden kitchen units (in a plain or painted finish) including country staples such as dressers and larders, a no-nonsense honest beast of a farmhouse table with a good set of sturdy chairs to match – or mix and match.

5 Things To Keep In Mind When Designing Your New Kitchen | Premium Kitchens Boca Raton

Your kitchen serves a vital role in your house. It is one of the places where most gatherings and great conversations take place. You prepare your meals and share them with your family in the kitchen. This makes the kitchen essentially the center of you and your family’s center of day to day living. Premium Kitchens Boca Raton offer the best luxury kitchen designs in Boca Raton, FL. Our crew of designers will plan the picture-perfect custom kitchen for your home.

7 Ways To Make Your Kitchen Smarter! - Premium Kitchens

If you are doing a major revamp on your kitchen, then you might want to have smarter pieces of equipment that can help you in the long run. If you are interested in improving your kitchen, here are some of the things that you should get.

11 Kitchen Remodeling Tips!

Remodeling a kitchen can be hard, laborious work, and you shouldn’t take the risk of making it a DIY project. With premium kitchen remodeling, you can imagine yourself in your dream kitchen.

Granite vs Marble Countertops by Premium Kitchens

Marble and granite countertops are more similar in nature. They both are beautiful and serve the kitchen's outlook well observable.

7 Things To Look For In An Interior Designer Company: premiumkitchens — LiveJournal

Do your research properly before hiring any interior designer. Talk to your friends, family, and relatives for help and suggestions.

How To Design Your Own Kitchen?

Before you start designing your kitchen, it is important for you to fully understand the space you will be working with. This is necessary in order for you to completely utilize the kitchen space without making it seem way too airy or too congested.

9 Smart Devices To Enhance Your Home Design by Premium Kitchens

Home design begins at the front door. It is the first thing people see when they arrive and the last thing they see when they leave. The August Smart Door-lock is a sleek stainless steel design that looks attractive on any door. You can lock and unlock your doors away from home through your smart-phone.

Kitchen Designs - What Did 2019 Teach Us? - Home Improvement

2019 has taught us the brilliant technology of the smart kitchen. It is in the palm of our hands, literally. Our smartphones can control every aspect of our kitchen from the oven, the fridge, the coffee maker, the lights and even the blinds. Our kitchen designs are easily intensified by including this technology, and it is all about convenience.

Top Ten Kitchen Trends of 2020

Kitchens can also be telling of a homeowner’s design preferences and styles. Their aesthetic features are as important as their functional ones. Here are the ten most popular kitchen trends that will make their mark in the year 2020.

Where To Go For Kitchen Design Ideas? by Premium Kitchens

PremiumKitchens is an all-encompassing site for kitchen design, among other home decor and renovation services. Their approach is customer-centric, with an easy form to request an appointment for professional work in kitchen design.

8 affordable kitchen remodeling ideas 2020

Updating your kitchen can make your entire home feel more modern and stylish. At around USD$22,000 for an average kitchen remodel, a full-scale remodel it is out of the reach of many.

How Colors Play a Major Role in Kitchen Design

When you are thinking about the design of your kitchen, colors may not be at the top of your considerations. You are probably thinking about what kind of...

10 Kitchen Design Trends For 2018

Premium Kitchens is a team of best Luxury Kitchen Designers in Florida. Our team of designers do every work with exceptional personal concierge service from the moment we begin with our clients.

Premium Kitchens offer the kitchen remodeling services in Boca Raton, FL. Our team of designers will design the perfect custom kitchen for your home.

Premium Kitchens offer the finest luxury kitchen designs and remodeling in Boca Raton, FL. Our kitchen designers will design the perfect custom kitchen for your home.

Premium Kitchens offer the finest luxury kitchen designs and remodeling in Boca Raton, FL. Our kitchen designers will design the perfect custom kitchen for your home.

Theres this desire in man that always spurs him to go for the best consciously or unconsciously. It might occur that man does not go for the best some times, but that is not to say that the desire and liking for the best is absent. Good design stands the test of time that is why it is…

6 ways to design your kitchen on a budget by Premium Kitchens

The design of your kitchen says a lot about you. So it’s important you pay attention to giving it the look that reflects your personality. However, designing the kitchen to taste can be quite expensiv...

5 new smart devices for your kitchen

With great advancements in technology so too has the number of devices that we can use to help us in life. In fact, there are many devices that can help you within your smart kitchen. Below is a list of some smart devices that can help you around the kitchen.
 Smart Scale - The Drop
This isn’t your ordinary smart scale. In fact, it’s a pretty exciting scale with what it can do. The first thing you need to know about The Drop is that it comes with its own app. With the app and the smart scale, you remove the guesswork and the hassle of measuring everything as the app will tell you when you’ve added enough sugar, flour, and spice.
But the scale does even more than that. From the app, you get access to hundreds of recipes that cover meals like burgers to desserts like blueberry tarts. It’s all in a nice convenient location but this piece of tech will also save you time upon clean up.
 Bluetooth Speaker - Tibly
You might think it’s a bit strange how a speaker could help in remodeling your kitchen, but this one, in particular, has some unique functions to consider. Tibly isn’t the highest quality speaker, but the first thing that you need to know about it is that it works with Alexa. Already this is helpful if you already have yourself an Amazon Echo.
Thanks to this speaker you can play music from the kitchen and even allow you to answer calls while you are cooking. This is very helpful since Alexa isn’t built primarily for sound so having an additional speaker further away could be effective. To top this off, Tibly has a large magnet on the back allowing you to stick it on your fridge or other magnetic surfaces.
 Smart Meat Thermometer - iGrill2
Are you someone who uses a BBQ or cooks various meats in general? This meat thermometer can certainly lend you a hand. The iGrill2 actually has a Bluetooth function that connects to your phone. Through that function, you can get notifications easily when your steak is done or you can monitor the overall temperature of the meat. It’s very handy and removes the guesswork on if the food is done to your liking or not.
 Smart Frying Pan - Pantelligent
This is similar to The Drop in the sense that it has an app that is loaded with recipes that you have access to. Furthermore through the app, when you use the pan, it’ll tell you when anything in the pan is cooked to perfection. Eggs, burgers, salmon, it doesn’t matter. How it’s able to do this is through the sensors that detect heat. It tells you when it’s heated enough to put meat in the pan, when to flip it, and when it’s done. It’s a good tool for beginner cooks as it removes the guesswork on when something is done or needs to be flipped.
 A Tablet Stand
These devices mentioned above and many others have access to apps so it makes sense to have a tablet or your phone around when you cook. A tablet though would be significantly easier, especially when you have a tablet stand. It can serve as a variety of functions from this position. For example, since the tablet is at an angle you can better view recipes or watch a video while you are cooking. It’s a helpful tool in a variety of situations and makes a good addition if you are a tablet user and you cook.

5 Things to Look For When Hiring an Interior Designer

Whether this is your first home project or not, one major question to consider is this: Should you hire an interior designer? It’s a pretty big question and skipping over this question can be fatal. At the same time, you don’t want to be walking needlessly into a trap with an interior designer either.

  • Premium Kitchens specializes in quality Italian cabinetry with an emphasis on Contemporary and Transitional esthetics. We are a boutique showroom featuring a broad scope of culinary architecture through four meticulously appointed full kitchens. Our tightly knit and formally trained design team go far beyond placing cabinets on a wall. Each of the collaborative designers capture the essence of the client's personality, lifestyle, needs and wants prior to beginning any design concept. The end result provides a beautiful yet functional space that inspires, and houses many years of enjoyment in a uniquely personal culinary masterpiece.

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