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Updated by Gautam Sharma on Apr 09, 2018
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Why is Net Neutrality Important for Small Businesses? | SearchNative

Let’s raise our voice and share our opinions in support of Net Neutrality so that none of the online businesses gets affected. Let’s see how it will be affected. Read More:

Chatbot: Giving A New Dimension to E-commerce | SearchNative

Chatbot commerce is introduced in the e-commerce arsenal with a view of changing the face of e-commerce industry. Let’s see how. Read More:

iOS 11 vs. Android 8.0 – Which is better? | SearchNative

The mobile app development is getting a lot more exciting, and it is more interesting to know how do the Android and iOS have differed and which one overpowers the other. Read More:

Chatbot development in India: This is the future! | SearchNative

Bot services market in India is slated to grow in the next five years. Checkout latest updates on Chatbots development in India and a global perspective. Read More:

SearchNative Success Story: Facebook Chatbot ‘AKIN’ for Points Live

Team SearchNative deliberated on all the different possible ways to make this interaction as smooth as possible. And came up with a thorough plan for developing the chatbot ‘AKIN’ for facebook messenger.

Why to Implement Bitcoin Payments into Your Website & App | SearchNative

So now is a good time to integrate bitcoin payment into your business website or mobile application. Read the post to know more.

[Infographic] How Bitcoin Works: A Step-by-Step Guide | SearchNative

Bitcoin is the first virtual currency of the Internet. You can also call it Cryptocurrency. It has existed for several years now but many people wonder, “what is bitcoin” and “how bitcoin works”. This post will help you to understand how bitcoin actually works with INFOGRAPHICS.

How Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality will Change Human Lives

Virtual reality and Augmented reality are going to be a part of our modern lives. I've covered 5 main industries which AR and VR are going to cover first i.e Education, Entertainment, Communication, E-commerce and Hospital.

Mobile App Development Lifecycle: Every Developer Must Follow 2018

‘Mobile apps are the future’ and nobody can deny that. But you should not create your first Android/iOS mobile app without following these 5 stages of mobile app development lifecycle.

On-Demand Food Delivery App Development: How Much Does It Cost?

Do you own a restaurant or any food delivery business? Or have you just started on-demand food delivery business? Read this post to know how much does it cost to create On-Demand Food Delivery App?

Mobile App Uninstall Rate: 5 Effortless Tips to Reduce It

There is a 60% chance, user who hasn't used the app for the first seven days, never will. Over two million apps compete among themselves to get installed in a mobile phone. Here are 5 tips to reduce mobile app uninstall rate.

On demand Service App: How Much Does It Cost

What exactly are "on – demand service" apps? How do they work? And which famous features will help you achieve success? Get all answers here.

5 Web Development Trends To Look After In 2018

Today, having a website is more important than having an office. So, if you own a website, you must keep yourself updated with the new web development trends.

The web has consistently evolved.

…And one thing I learned from these technology updates and changes is, if you want to be successful, adapt to the changes as quickly as possible.

Trends could be good or bad but you will only be able to figure it out once you read about it or implement it.

So, in this post, I have analyzed and collected the 5 web development trends that will have the huge impact on the web industry in 2018.

Real Estate Mobile App Development: Create Your Own Real Estate App

Real estate mobile app development will help business owners to convert visitors into buyers and sellers. Create your own real estate app like Airbnb to attract/capture the targetted audience.

2018 Is The Year Of Bots - SearchNative

Do you have a Facebook page, website or mobile app? You must install chatbots in it! Do you know 66% people love to communicate with brands on messaging platforms and 90% of them are not getting the reply on time.

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