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Headline for Europe Travel Planning Tips – Plans that Turn into Reality are Fun!
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Europe Travel Planning Tips – Plans that Turn into Reality are Fun!

Off on that dream vacation to Europe? Well, forget the old myth of spontaneity being best, and plan out that trip for the most comprehensive and widest experience of the continent. Do read on.


Decide on your Destinations

Just about every destination in Europe is enticing; sadly you cannot visit them all on one trip. Hence, planning a comprehensive itinerary of destinations to visit will help you cover most of your wish destinations. Have a valid reason for visiting each stop, but do not base them on fantasy; for instance the Greek Islands are indeed mesmerizing while the sunny Alps will leave lasting memories. Some of the best hotels Europe, South America and other regions have to offer are based in the most amazing locations which you should take the trouble to research and choose. Choosing comfortable accommodation to suite your style is as important as the destination, and it is not hard to find with chains such as, Tivoli Hotels & Resorts catering to varied tastes.


Establish a Proper Route

First set up a route and timeline for your trip. By circling your destinations on a map, you can decide on a proper route, geographically based on distance and time. Mark places you have to be at, on a specific date and then decide on their importance in hindering your flexibility. Once your list is done, research and focus on destinations that fall in-between the planned route.


Decide on the Cities to Fly in and Out of

It is more practical to fly into one city and fly out the other; this is the beauty of the European continent which allows you to explore by simply crossing borders. Keep in mind that if you are planning on renting a self-driven car, a one way drop off trip is going to cost more and add to your expenses budget. Explore your options such as bus or rail, if a car is too expensive, and save on the cost of a round trip via air by entering in one city and leaving from another.


Decide on your Mode of Transport

Delving further in to the subject of transportation; consider your options. Do not base transport choice on cost alone. For instance when travelling alone across large areas, and visiting cities it may be more practical to travel by train, while a group exploring the countryside may find a hired vehicle to be fast and convenient.


Decide on the Amount of Time to Spend at Each Destination

Once your itinerary is done, decide on the amount of days you wish to spend in each destination. You may increase or reduce time as your travels get under way, check the time it takes to travel from one destination to the other via various modes of transport, such as rail, bus or car. Alternatively you can consider night trains or overnight boats to save both time and money. You may also want to consider amalgamating a long weekend into your planned holiday period, this will help you minimise the number of work days you miss. Enjoy your holiday!