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Kickstarter Products We have Backed

A list of excellent stationery related Kickstarter Products that we have personally backed on Kickstarter.

AMINIMAL | UnGridded Notebooks

AMINIMAL Studio is a Brooklyn-based company focused on researching complex systems and emerging technologies as an approach to designing 21st century products. Using technology such as 3D printing, Lasercutting, Etching, 3D milling, Robotic Manufacturing, and Generative Design Software. Their UnGridded Pocket Notebooks and Colouring Books focus on different topics from many diverse disciplines. Each page is patterned with unique linework from artist/designers AMINIMAL Studio, Nervous system, and HYBYCOZO and focuses on the topics of Travel, Urban Planning, Natural systems, Mathematics, Sacred Geometry, Music, Generative art etc.

Craft Planner from Cobbery

If you missed it on Kickstarter you can buy your own copy of the Craft Planner on their website (link above).

If you missed it on Kickstarter you can find it here - just follow the link.

Fidgi Pen

The Fidgi Pen is a fidget toy that is disguised as a pen. If you missed it on Kickstarter you can buy the Fidgi Pen in a range of colours on their website (link above).

Goal Digger Planner from Mi Goals

If you missed it on Kickstarter you can currently pre-order the Goal Digger Planner directly on their website (link above).

Gradient Notebooks from One Design Space

Gradient Notebooks is a limited edition notebooks collection capturing time in three different colour gradients: Sunrise, Sunset, Night.

If you missed it on Kickstarter the Notebooks are still available on their website (link above).

Nomad Notebooks

If you missed it on Kickstarter or want to get a different set you can grab a copy of the Nomad Notebooks on their website (link above).

Notebook | Modular | from Allocacoc

If you missed it on Kickstarter you can buy your own copy of tthe Notebook on their website (link above).

Storyclock Notebook from Plot Devices

A research and development tool for screenwriters, purpose-built for breaking and outlining stories, utilizing the simple method of visualizing your story like a clock.

You can now order this notebook online on their website (link above)

The Perfect Notebook and Planner from Irrational Ventures

Now Available on their Website. The Perfect Notebook is a fully customizable notebook, packed with unique productivity tools.

The Side Hustle Journal from Grit and Hustle

If you missed it on Kickstarter you can currently pre-order the Side Hustle Journal directly on their website.

The Visibility Planner from Printed Portal

It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional or entrepreneur, the Visibility Planner is a planner that helps you to build your own personalised visibility strategy. Buy the physical copy of the planner directly from their website.