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Updated by MOMBO Ltd on Apr 26, 2018
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Mombo App Kenya - Smart Saving, Simple Loans and Investments

MOMBO has redesigned Saving, Borrowing and Investing for the smartphone, making it simple, fast and contemporary. Enroll now!

Should You Be Taking Low-Interest Personal Loans?

we face many situations in which we need a big sum of money abruptly, but are unable to get a loan due to a lack of collateral. I had been in this circumstance when I suddenly decided to get married, but luckily my good credit score saved me.

6 Reasons to Take Personal Loans Online

Personal loans are already quite the blessing, especially for people who do not have collateral to show. Believe me, I for one, know how hard it can be when you can’t take a loan due to a lack of collateral.

7 Rookie Investing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Whenever you are investing, there are a lot of rookie investing mistakes that you make in your initial stages. Here are some ways to avoid them!

Big Wedding or a New House? Here Is How High interest Savings Account Helps You Have Both!

You can have both a wedding and a house and fast! Learn how to save up for two events simultaneously with a high-interest savings account. Read more from Mombo!

All the Payday Loan Questions Answered - Mombo App

Sometimes, even the most prepared people may find themselves in a cash crunch. Financial hitches can be as inescapable as they are upsetting; this is why it is essential to have the backup of a mobile payday loan.

Intelligent Investing: What does it take to be a Smart Investor?

Investing can greatly help you to realize your long-term fiscal goals, whether it is your retirement, early mortgage repay, or university fees of your children. Unlike savings, intelligent investing can significantly endow stronger returns over the long-term.

Friends Want You to Spend More? Beat FOMO and Stay on Budget with SACCOs in Kenya | Mombo

How to keep up with friends if you are on a budget and don’t suffer from a fear of missing out (also known as ‘FOMO’)? You no longer have to choose between friends and saving. We will tell you how SACCOs in Kenya can help you to keep up with both your friends and savings goals. Read more from Mombo blog!