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Best Lightweight Luggage Set for Your Trip

Going on vacation is thrilling and exciting. But if the thought of carrying heavy luggage and overstuffed bags disappoints you, you need not worry. Lightweight luggage set is made to meet specifications for luggage sizes as set by airlines. We have a list of the Best Lightweight Luggage Sets available. Lightweight luggage bags are easier to lift into the overhead bins, and some of your post-arrival backaches can be prevented. Read the reviews for some of the best Lightweight Luggage Sets here:



Lucas Original Ultra Lightweight 3 Piece Set

Lucas Original Ultra Lightweight 3 Piece Set

Lucas Luggage is well known for being the original expandable lightweight luggage. They have been focused on producing lightweight luggage well before the airlines started to impose heavy fees. The Travel Goods Association has awarded the “Lightest Luggage of the Year Award” to Lucas multiple times for their expertise in this field. If lightweight is what you are looking for, Lucas is a very good option to consider.

Lucas Luggage Ultra Lightweight 3 Piece Set is excellent for families traveling with their kids with a lot of things to pack. Its soft fabric build is more suitable for a casual getaway than a formal business meeting.

Design: Lucas Luggage Set is the lightest expandable luggage with sturdy 360-degree spinner wheels for extra mobility making it easy to move around. You can choose from the different color options available. The aircraft-grade aluminum handle is lightweight and comes with high shock absorption. It has a fully lined interior as well as tie tapes to keep the clothes in place while you travel in style. This Lucas ultra-lightweight set has external pockets for easy access. Since the luggage is expandable, which means you can easily store your last-minute shopping, you made while traveling.

Weight: The Lucas Original Lightweight Luggage Set ships 23 pounds, which is lighter than most luggage on the market.

Durability: The Lucas Luggage sets are durable as they are made with high-quality materials. The best thing about storing this set is that, when not in use, you can nest the pieces inside each other.

Price: It comes with a reasonable price and is easily available on Amazon, check the latest info on Lucas luggage review site.


Samsonite Omni 3 Piece Set

Samsonite Omni 3 Piece Set

The Samsonite Omni PC3 Piece Set is considered as a durable and mid-range option. It is great for business and vacation travel.

Design: It has a modern yet professional design along with pleasing bright color options to choose from. Samsonite Omni comes with this “micro-diamond” texture, making it remarkably scratch-resistant. With its expandable features, this luggage set is great for long trips. The 4 multi-directional wheels in Samsonite Omni do an exceptional job by providing a steady roll, and the bag sustains its balance well. The retractable handle is durable and works well when we hold it from the side and top. The Omni is secured with a TSA approved lock, in case you want to lock your luggage. Coming to the interiors, the Samsonite Omni luggage has a standard and a manageable interior with clip-tie, mesh pocket, and a zipper to span the length of the bag.

Weight: The Samsonite Omni Luggage Set ships at 30.5 pounds. This is far from the lightest in the industry, but it is on the lighter side.

Durability: Samsonite is known for strong and durable luggage. The Samsonite Omni Luggage Set seems to stay true to that image.

Price: Considering it is 100% PC and comes with a TSA lock, the price tag is excellent for a name brand. Check latest price on Samsonite luggage review blogs.


Travelpro Maxlite 4 3 Piece Luggage Set

Travelpro Maxlite 4 3 Piece Luggage Set

For the past 25 years, Travelpro has been known for its top-notch quality, innovation, durability, and designer luggage for people who love traveling. The Maxlite 4 is one among the best lightweight luggage sets from their series of luggage. It is roomy as well as easy on your wallet.

Design: The Travelpro Maxlite 4 is comparatively a simple bag, but carries a professional styling with it. It is a fundamental luggage set because it uses the tried and tested four-wheel spinner design with handles on the side and top. The ergonomically designed bags have high tensile that continues to provide a flawless operation throughout the product’s life. The inner compartments are roomy and expandable to 2″ to maximize packing flexibility.

Weight: The TravelproMaxlite 4 3 Piece Luggage Set ships at 29.1 pounds.

Durability: The Maxlite 4 has an unusual style of construction that amplifies a more reliable exterior. This is remarkably supreme as you get an adjustable canvas which allows you to pack the bag into a little space with a hard shell’s protection. Travelpro is known for its durability. These bags save on weight while keeping in mind the durability issues.

Price: The latest price could be checked on our Travelpro luggage review site

Warranty: Travelpro provides a limited lifetime warranty.


Delsey Helium Sky 3 Piece Luggage Set

Delsey Helium Sky 3 Piece Luggage Set

The new and improved, Delsey Helium Sky 2.0 offers vapor barrier for long-lasting use with numerous features at a great value that will make your travel easier.

Design: This new collection is 8% lighter than the previous version. You can easily expand it to its full potential with 2″ expansion and accessible pockets. It comes with a telescoping trolley handle with zero weight on your arms. The spinner wheels assure smooth travel while carrying it. This luggage set also features the guardian self-repairing interlocking on the central compartment. Overall, it is designed greatly for easy traveling.

Weight: This 3 piece set ships at 29.5 pounds.

Durability: Constructed with durable micro ballistic material and a vapor barrier to protect against moisture, it proves its durability.


Merax Travelhouse 3 Piece Luggage Set

Merax Travelhouse 3 Piece Luggage Set

Whether you’re going on a traveling binge anytime soon or searching for a perfect gift set for travel lovers, the Merax luggage sets will not let you down. The elegant Merax luggage sets let you travel in style.

Design: The Lightweight Travelhouse luggage sets by Merax employ the use of ABS material and polycarbonate for durability. They come in bright colors and improved textures that not only look stimulating but also help cover any scratches that the bags would come across. The luggage has multi-dimensional spinner wheels that make it suitable for anyone to carry it easily. With Sturdy ergonomic aluminum telescoping handle, one can easily hold it without giving any stress to arms. The best feature is the secure combination lock which provides extra security while traveling. All luggage sets have been upgraded with metal handle clamps, making the suitcase very spacious. The luggage set is very user-friendly and convenient to store when not in use as it can easily fit into each other.

Weight: Merax Travelhouse 3 Piece Luggage Set ships at 27 pounds, well below industry average.
Durability: This luggage set is made of ABS material with PC color masterbatch for decent durability. Although not comparable to the higher priced luggage, the quality is good for this price range.

Price: This is one of the lowest priced sets on the market. I picked it out as an option for those customer not looking or cannot afford to invest heavily into luggage.

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