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Headline for Top Watersports in Sri Lanka; Ones to Try in Mirissa - Splash Around in Mirissa
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Top Watersports in Sri Lanka; Ones to Try in Mirissa - Splash Around in Mirissa

Any visitor to Mirissa's breathtaking sandy beach will find it hard to resist the lure of water sports. Here are some of the best watersports available at this beautiful location.


Scuba Diving

Dive below the surface and explore the bottom of the seabed off the coast of Mirissa. Thanks to Sri Lanka's remarkable marine biodiversity, nature enthusiasts will also enjoy diving in the area and hopefully, you will even encounter turtles. There are diving centres in the area that even run scuba diving programmes for those who have never tried diving before. The diving centres are located less than a ten minutes' drive from most hotels in Mirissa, including accommodation such as the Esprit d'Ici Hotel.


Sunset Sailing

Due to Mirissa's panoramic views, sunset sailing is a popular activity in the area. Boats can be chartered to set sail from the harbour for a cruise. Catamaran sailing is also available for those who want a more luxurious experience. While sailing, you may be lucky enough to spot pods of dolphins playing in the water and if you are extremely lucky, blue whales and sperm whales may be spotted. Full day sailing packages are also available from certain tour operators which include beach breaks and snorkelling excursions. The best time for sailing in Mirissa is between October and May.



The calm, crystal clear waters of Mirissa bay make it an ideal place for snorkelling. Snorkelling can be carried out at the East and West ends of the beach. The beach also has a coral reef which is home to many marine animals which is guaranteed to thrill both children and adults. However, since the area is also quite popular with surfers, people engaging in snorkelling should be careful when venturing into the middle of the bay. Snorkelling in Mirissa will be an unforgettable experience!



Mirissa is considered one of the best surf spots on the South coast and is a great place for surfers, even beginners. It also offers a variety of waves; low power right hand waves and left handers can be found closer to the harbour. Mirissa bay offers the benefit of a reef which makes it particularly appealing to beginner to intermediate surfers. Boards can be rented and locals also offer lessons. In optimal conditions, swells can reach up to 6 feet and the best waves can be experienced during the early morning and the late afternoon. Moreover, since Mirissa is a relatively unpopulated beach, surfers are free to enjoy the waves.



Another great option for water sports enthusiasts travelling in Sri Lanka is bodysurfing and the waves in the middle of Mirissa beach are ideal for bodysurfing. Bodysurfing in this area can be enjoyed by both children and adults alike and is a wonderful way to spend the day with the family. The beach is generally quite popular with bodysurfers due to its dependable wave conditions and a reasonable beach break if the weather is good.

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