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Sydney Commercial Lawyers With a Difference

This list is about Aspect Legal, a commercial legal practice located in Sydney City and the beautiful Northern Beaches. We specialise in providing fast and professional services for their clients. Our commercial legal services cover a wide spectrum of disciplines - contract law, dispute resolution, business sales and acquisitions, brand protection and IP.


Business Sales and Acquisitions Experts - Aspect Legal

At Aspect Legal, we provide specialist business sale and acquisition services that are based on a true understanding of the business sale and acquisition environment and draw on our extensive experience in this area.

We are business lawyers, with real business experience.

Our goal is to help you get your deal over the line with minimum fuss and optimal results.

If you want to learn more about our services in this area, call us at 1300-85-9965 or visit our website to book in a complimentary initial sale or acquisition discussion with one of our lawyers.

We Specialise in Brand Protection and IP - Aspect Legal

In an increasingly global and online environment, Brand Protection and protection of Intellectual Property Rights should be a top priority for every business.

We pride ourselves on the advice that we give clients today, to help them thrive in the evolving world of tomorrow.

We specialise in providing trade mark registrations, and general advice on brand protection and intellectual property rights for companies and individuals (or anything in between) in Australia and abroad.

Download our top 7 legal considerations when preparing for the sale of your business. Click here Need legal advice for your business sale? Contact us at 1800-85-9965 or visit our website at

Need legal help with your contracts?

Aspect Legal specialises in all areas of contract law. We adopt a no-nonsense approach to advice on contract management practices, as well as drafting and reviewing contracts of all shapes and sizes. Our wealth of experience in this area means that we work to deliver what you need, before you’re even aware that you need it.

Smart Legal Tips For Business - Talking Law Podcast

Talking Law provides smart legal tips for business, with all the jargon stripped away.

Your host, Joanna Oakey, brings her decades of experience in law and in business to help business owners and managers discover how to avoid the lurking legal landmines before they blow up a business. Join us weekly to get clear and simple legal strategies for getting to optimal business results.

Australia’s First and Only Mergers and Acquisitions Podcast

The Deal Room podcast provides insights for professionals and businesses that are involved in sales and acquisitions activity.

Each week your host Joanna Oakey, a seasoned legal professional, interviews industry advisors and owners and managers of buying and selling organisations, to give a unique perspective of both the “sell-side” and “buy-side”.

Employment Lawyers Sydney | Employment Legal Advice & Attorney

At Aspect Legal, we have specialist employment lawyers in Sydney for employment legal advice. Call us for employment law services at 1300-85-9965.

Commercial Leases Services in Sydney

Aspect Legal offer commercial leases service for landlord and tenants. We have specialist leases lawyers in Sydney who are ready to help you. Get in touch today.

My Business Sale Story, with Sam De Longis - Aspect Legal

In this episode, Sam talks about some of the fundamentals that we hear again and again and again. The importance of looking at your business from a buyer's perspective and the importance of selling the business at the right time when it's got strong value and still has value to give into the future.

Tips and Traps for Accountants in A Sale Environment

In our extensive practice in the area of sales and acquisitions, we have seen many instances of deals that have been impacted by issues that are often preventable with early planning.

A Quick Guide for Dealing with Commercial Disputes - Aspect Legal

Today we give you our top legal tips for dealing with commercial disputes. To help us with this bold task, we bring back on the show Jayne Qorraj, who heads up our litigation, dispute resolution, and also employment divisions here at Aspect Legal.

Tying Up Legal Loose Ends for a Fresh Start

The new year is a perfect time to tackle the legal loose ends in a business in order to start the year with a clean slate and a fresh start! In this episode,...

Mining The Value in Your Business

Today we explore the concept of employee engagement - what it is, how do you measure it, and how do you increase it. To help us give depth to this topic, we brought back Natasha Hawker of Employee Matters to talk about how higher levels of employee engagement can lead to increased profitability in your business.

Introducing LawyerLine for Dentists

Introducing LawyerLine - Aspect Legal hotline service for dentists where you get a lawyer on the phone, when you need it, for one low monthly payment.

Financial Due Diligence 101 (An overview of the basics)

In this episode, we take a quick run through the area of financial due diligence with Luke Malone from Prosperity Advisors. We cover some of the terminology in this space, and many of the issues that should be considered on both the buy side and sell side - including timelines, working out the right level of DD, and some interesting stories about skeletons that can be found in the cupboard.

Brand Trademark Lawyer Sydney

Aspect Legal has a top class trademark and IP lawyers in Sydney. We provide legal advice on brand protection and commercialization for companies. Contact us!

Business Legal Advice for Procurement Services

Aspect Legal provides business legal advice for procurement services to assist compliance officers, procurement officers and business managers. Request a quote.

Easy ways to build a culture of giving in your business

This topic is very close to our heart. At Aspect Legal, we believe that a business has a social responsibility that extends beyond its own. Together with Wayne Schmidt, we discuss simple ways that you can start integrating a culture of giving into your business model via the platform B1G1 or Business for Good.

How An Innovative Approach Brought A Seller $500K more Than Expected, in Record Time

David Biddle of Brilliant Businesses joins us to share how he built and sold his business in record time, for double the valuation that he was initially given.

The Price is (not always) Right! Problems with pricing business for sale

Have you ever disagreed with your client or advisor on the price that they think a business is worth? You’re not alone. So join in on our discussion with Zoran Sabaraca of Xcllusive Business Sales where we talk about problems with pricing a business correctly for sale.

Why Startups Fall Down: Common Mistakes New Business Owners Make

Starting a business? Here are five common mistakes most business owners make when launching a new business. Listen in to learn what they are and avoid making these costly mistakes.

The Who, What and Why of AIBB: the Australian Institute of Business Brokers

Ever heard of AIBB? In this episode, we talk about the Australian Institute of Business Brokers - who they are, what they do, and why you should consider being one of their members or partners. To help give depth to this discussion, we brought back Zoran Sabaraca of Xcllusive Business Sales, the current Chairman of AIBB.

What Does It Have To Do With Your Business?

“What is strategic remuneration, and what does it have to do with selling a business?” Few organisations apply anywhere near as much scrutiny to remuneration programmes as they do to even relatively minor capital expenditure proposals. In this episode we’ll drill into the importance of strategic remuneration. We give our listeners real examples on when this strategy could be beneficial in a business sale context.

Business Buying Agents: Acquiring Businesses As a Growth Strategy

This episode is part two of The Dealroom’s Business buying agents: Should you consider one for your next big play? Where we spoke to Phillip Teudt - the man behind Australia's largest exclusive business buying agency, Business Buying Services about how a buyer’s agent really adds value and what they are looking for in a business. Join us as we focus on SME and mid-market type businesses that are using acquisitions as a growth strategy. We dig into corporates who are using acquisitions as part of an aggregation model and look at where some trends and hotspots are in this area at the moment.

  • Aspect Legal is an innovative commercial legal practice that specialises in providing fast and professional services for their clients. Our commercial legal services cover a wide spectrum of disciplines - contract law, dispute resolution, business sales and acquisitions, brand protection and IP.

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