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05 best dishes in Hong Kong that you must try – The City's Essential Eats

Hong Kong has an enticing food culture because the province was inhabited by powers both European & Asian. It's more than century-long existence as a British colony left a strong European influence.


Fish Balls

These are a renowned staple in Hong Kong cuisine and are sold pretty much anywhere in the city. The city folk consume up to a million of these on any given day. These concentrated fish snacks can be prepared in a number of ways. The most common methods are through boiling or deep frying. There are so many renowned fish ball outlets in Hong Kong that almost every individual you speak to would recommend a different establishment. The Tung Tat Restaurant is a particularly popular one.


Pineapple Bun

These sweet buns, which are usually served with a generous wedge of butter, are one of the most internationally renowned snacks associated with Hong Kong. It is most commonly consumed as a breakfast item or an afternoon snack. These buns, however, do not actually contain any pineapple or pineapple flavourings but are named so because they are shaped to resemble a pineapple. The bun has contrasting textures, with the top made with biscuit-like dough, which provides a distinct crunch that contrasts the soft and sweet bread underneath. You can find a large variety of pineapple buns in Hong Kong, containing a variety of fillings both savoury and sweet, such as custard, bbq pork and occasionally...actually pineapple!


Cha Siu Baau

The Chinese are famous for their baozi, which is iconic of the nation. These steamed buns come with an incredible variety of fillings, but if you're in Hong Kong, the Cha Siu Baau variants are an essential experience. These are steamed buns filled with an enticing barbeque pork filling where the meat is flavoured with honey, five-spice powder, soy sauce, hoisin sauce, and fermented bean curd. The resulting delicacy is bound to be something you'll remember for a lifetime. Since these are available almost anywhere if you're staying at a hotel such as The Murray, Hong Kong you might even find them within the hotel itself!


The Hot Pot

This is a hallmark of Hong Kong tradition and is a social event that is popularly indulged in all throughout the nation. Whether it be families looking for a night out together or friends looking for a hearty meal after an evening's hangout. You shouldn't be surprised to discover many a Hot Pot as part of a Hong Kong hotel promotion either since the concept is so entwined with the culture of the nation. One of the most notable aspects of hot pots would the common use of 'rainbow meatballs', where one can discover a range of meat-based spherical components with surprise fillings.


Hong Kong Cheeseburgers

The city's unique style of hamburgers is incredibly famous, especially with schoolchildren. These burgers are truly minimalist in their approach and usually contain just ketchup, a slice of processed cheese and home-made mayo. The patty is also heavily seasoned and would contain a world of flavour. Perhaps the most definitive aspect of the burger would be the bun, which tends to have a uniquely sweet flavour.

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