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Updated by Eagles Talent Speakers Bureau on Dec 28, 2017
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4 Key Steps in Finding the Right Motivational Speaker for Hire

Are you looking to hire a motivational speaker for your next business event? Whether it’s a small in-house event or large corporate event, you want to select a motivational speaker who will encourage, engage, and educate your team. Motivational speakers are highly effective at getting a point across, inspiring individuals, and ensure audiences have a good time.


Motivational Speaking

You already know the advantages of hiring a motivational speaker, but how you do go about choosing the right one who will effectively get the message across and really have an impact on your employees? Below is a list of key steps to take in order to find the perfect motivational speaker for hire.


Define the Role of the Speaker

You should have a clear idea of the purpose or objective of hiring a motivational speaker. Is it to energize your staff so the company experiences continued growth? Is it for your employees to learn something new that will benefit the company as a whole? Is it to discuss new policy changes? Is it to learn effective communication skills? Is it to help your employees see things differently that will lead to the creation of new ideas? Determine the exact intention of the speaker so that they can mold their materials and effectively get the message across to your employees.


Learn About Speaker’s Experience

You want to hire a speaker whose capabilities align with your objectives. Find out their experience and expertise in public speaking. How much experience do they have? What other organizations hired them? Do they have any video clips of presentations that you can view? Do they have a website that provides information? Does the speaker have references? These questions will help ensure that speaker is appropriate for your audience. Also, an experienced motivational speaker can offer a lot of insight and real-life experience.


Find Out Why They’re Passionate

A passionate motivational speaker is an effective motivational speaker. A passionate motivational speaker will instantly command the attention of your employees. They will happily share their unique life stories or philosophies. They aren’t afraid to discuss their pitfalls or show their own passion for success and work. Their passion will intrigue your employees.


Determine if They Can Meet Your Company Needs

Before hiring a speaker, discuss the event and expectations in detail. Define the type of event, what you want to be covered at the event, the length of the speech, the outcome expected, and even the tone of the presentation. Make sure the speaker is well-aware of what’s needed and can execute it.