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Top posts on Dyes Pigments Sector

Browse list of top posts related to dyes pigments sector. The dyestuff sector is one of the important segments of the chemical industry, having forward and backward linkages with a variety of sectors like textiles, leather, paper, plastics, printing inks and foodstuffs.

A detailed study of the Global Aluminum Pigment Powder Market 2017-2022 | DailyBN

Aluminum pigments are utilized in several applications ranging from graphic arts, inks, automotive paints and coatings that protect bridges and buildings. Along with the usage, there are also a host of players in the market that are competent and leading producers of these pigments.

Dyes and Pigments- The Indian Market Summary

On the other hand, pigments are insoluble in nature and predominantly find application in cosmetics, paints, inks, plastic, rubber etc. They are available in the powdered or the granular form and they imprint colour by reflecting only certain light rays.

Fibre Reactive Dyes – Definition, Usage and Types | Get News 360

You will get about Procion MX dye & Fibre Reactive Dyes Definition, Types and Usage. Alliance i s an Indian Fiber reactive dyes suppliers & manufacturer.

A Complete Definition and Development of Reactive Dyes

Are you looking for information regarding Reactive Dyes online? Consider browsing UniWorld News official website to know more about it.

Role of tracea-bility in attaining sustainable dye production

A widely known concern and priority for healthy growth of the society and for the preservation of our planet is the implementation of sustainable development. Sustainability is th

Indian Dye Sector - Future & Present Scenario - Textile Mates

The Indian dyestuff industry plays a vital role in the economic development of the country. This sector is divided into the organized and the unorganized zones. The organized industry consists of 1000 small units, while the unorganized consists of 50 large units.

Organic and Inorganic Pigments - The difference between the two - Dyes Pigments

Inspite of their differences, Dyes and Pigments both these substances fall under the same “colourant” family of chemical compounds. If pigments are the desirable colourant to paint a material. Then you must also know that in such a case, organic and inorganic pigments both are considered as an option amongst the pigments. So which of them now will be a better pick?

Reactive Dyes- Definition, Advantages and Demand

Alliance Organics is a leading reactive dye manufacturer that globally exports dyes to several countries.