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4 Places to visit in Maldives – From Land to Sea

Maldives, a collection of around 1,200 islands and 26 atolls, is otherwise most commonly referred to as Paradise. Travellers from around the world head here for their share of sun, sand and sea.


Old Friday Mosque

The oldest mosque in Maldives, located in the crowded, grid-shaped city of Male is well worth a visit. Named as Hukuru Miskiiy, the mosque is believed to date back to 1656 AD. It's mainly built of coral and carved with intricate scripts from the Quran and other patterns. Due to the use of sea-culture for their architecture, in 2008, the mosque was marked on the UNESCO World Heritage cultural list. If a city tour is added as part of your luxury Maldives holidays by a travel agency such as Black Kite Travel, stop by this mosque for a quick visit. Remember to be decently dressed and respectful upon entering the premises of this sacred site. Prior to the visit, tourists are also requested to gain approval from the Ministry of Islamic Affairs. The mosque can be found opposite the Medhuziyaaraiy; a tomb holding the remains of the Moroccan Al-Hafiz Abul Yoosuf Al-Barbari – who was said to have converted the inhabitants of the Maldives to Islam in 1153 A.D.


Banana Reef

You can't expect to see a list of things to do or places to visit in Maldives without mentioning the beautiful places that exist below surface level. Banana Reef is one of the most popular reefs in Maldives, located in the North Male Atoll, the area is a delightful mix of caves, cliffs and overhangs, housing various species of marine creatures from sharks, morays, Napoleon wrasse, jackfish, groupers, prolific reef fish and blue striped snappers. Always keep in mind that this reef is a protected marine area and be careful not to touch or damage any of the corals while you're snorkelling or diving. Growing human activity in the sea and misuse and mistreatment of these colourful gardens are the main reason for their rapid depletion in our seas. Swim carefully, don't stand on any of the corals, don't swim too close to any of the marine creatures and keep in mind that you are the visitor in their territory.


Manta Point

Manta rays are often referred to as the Eagles of the Sea, mainly due to them gliding through the shimmering azure waters of the ocean. Manta rays can grow up to 7 metres in width, with the smallest growing up to 5 metres. Whether you're after a night dive or a diving during the daytime, Manta rays are most commonly spotted between the months from November to March. Do keep in mind that the sting from their tails can be fatal and to never get too close to the ray when swimming. Keeping a safe distance between any wildlife and yourself is a must; in order to ensure safety for both sides.


National Museum

The National Museum of Maldives is located in the busy city of Maldives. It's a great place to explore through if you want to get an idea of Maldivian history and culture. Newly built and designed by the government of China, stop by the national museum for a quick visit.

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