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10 types of awards to appreciate the brilliance

Corporate Awards aboard worker recognition awards deliver the last word impact and send a transparent message of excellence. Our assortment of inscribed Crystal Awards, Glass Trophies and Acrylic Awards is meant to be your most powerful resource within the company Awards & Recognition Market.


Star Trophies & Awards
  • Receiving a Star Award or Star Trophy means you have reached a pinnacle. Down through the ages stars have been important to civilisations throughout the world. They have provided an element of mystery and wonder.
  • Star awards are available in various materials. There are crystal star awards, acrylic star awards, resin star awards in several sizes and styles.
Sales trophies & Awards
  • The Sales department in every corporate work like a backbone of the company. If they do not perform well, the financial profits and revenues are affected badly. To reward achievement in Sales Olympia has a huge range of trophies and awards suitable for recognizing the successful sales person
  • A sales award can be in many different styles and colours. It can be a plaque with an engraved plate with the company logo engraved and the message and recipient’s name. The timber boards are available in rosewood, black, grey, walnut and a variety of primary colours for a stunning effect.
Glass Awards & Trophies
  • The fact cannot be changed that technology is increasing and digital platform is the best way if you do not have time to visit the showroom. One can buy and find every solution through an online platform. Be it your requirement of budget glass awards, the solution is just right there! And in case of glass awards for sale, your solution is delivered by Olympia.
  • So, whether you search for glass trophies Melbourne, glass trophies Sydney or glass trophies Brisbane region, we deliver the quality that depicts the standard you require. Your answer to glass awards online is best delivered by our expert team who are available for your services on a 24 hours basis.
Embedded Awards
  • If you have seen embedded awards before, you will notice an item is embedded within layers of acrylic. This allows the item to be protected and preserved forever. Embedding is a time-consuming process as the item must be set in layers of liquid material which has to set over a period of time.
  • We can provide a quality Embedded award for any occasion. Coins, and paper money, certificates, bottles, shells, and numerous other items can be embedded. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote for this very custom-made award. Each award can either be laser engraved or have an engraved plate embedded with the item.
Eagle Awards
  • Eagle awards always reflect fantastic and motivational symbol to the winners. In fact, many people just participate in the race to win the eagle awards trophies. But where to find these trophies in affordable price is one of the biggest queries that corporate falls into. Olympia can fulfil your requirements of finding eagle awards online. There is a quality selection to suit various price ranges.
  • Whether your requirement stated large eagle trophy or small eagle glass awards, we help in serving the quality that your winners will always be proud of. The winners need a reason to remember their success, and nothing will be better than presenting eagle award to them! Contact us today.
Crystal Awards
  • Crystal awards are always accepted as a fitting quality choice to present to a winner of an event, to your employee for a job well done and recognizing your employee years of service. -Olympia is the best supplier to offer you custom crystal awards that represents the quality required to suit the standard of your organization or corporate company. Olympia has a unique range of trophies not available elsewhere presented at a very competitive price
Golf Day Awards

-Corporate golf days are popular with many companies and associations. They bring a wide range of people together to foster friendships and strengthen business activity.
-Olympia can supply a wide range of golf trophies that depict all of the different aspects of golf. There are nearest the pin trophies, longest drive trophies, hole in one trophy, and general trophies for male and female players. There is a range of budget golf trophies together with prestigious crystal and glass awards.

Ceremonial Award
  • Best Ceremonial Awards & Gifts: Ceremonial items are available for that special occasion such as the opening of a building when the ceremonial shovels are needed for planting trees. These shovels can be laser etched and colour filled with your logo and message and become a keepsake for the person who has the honour of opening the building and planting a tree.
  • Ceremonial scissors are also available together with an unveiling curtain to display the new plaque for the opening of a new building.
Acrylic Awards
  • Buy Cheap Acrylic Awards Online in Australia: There are many different styles of acrylic awards. The star acrylic award is popular with many companies choosing an award for their employees. Olympia can design your special acrylic award to complement your logo or theme. -Acrylic awards are clear and sharp with a crisp look if they are purchased in transparent acrylic. They are also available in coloured acrylic to suit the company colours.
Abstract Awards
  • Best Abstract Art Awards Online: Abstract trophy designs are especially interesting as they can be a focal point in the homes of the winners. They are often large and colourful or silver and black with a substantial base to attach an engraving plate with the recipient’s name and message. Abstract awards can be made of resin and colour coated, aluminium, timber and various other materials.
  • An abstract award is NO ordinary award, rather abstract awards are special awards for a job well done. When it comes to abstract awards online, we offer the highest satisfactory results to our customers.

It is because media and public get notice of awards and react positively to the winners for a certain period or forever.