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Updated by Ronak Meghani on Dec 28, 2017
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9+ eCommerce Product Optimization Tips to Double Your Conversion Rate

Being an owner of an online store, you have to add a good chunk of money and energy both at the same time. To boost up your conversion, there are many things to consider.


Promote Shopping Cart Contents

Numerous advertisers expect that once the clients click ‘add to cart’, they will endure the whole checkout process. Not a chance. Despite everything, you have work to do.

Notwithstanding when they add an item to the shopping basket, it doesn’t mean they will get it.

Here, the following tips have been mentioned that your customers want to know in a discreet manner –

  • Feature list
  • Benefits
  • Product specifications
  • Sizing
  • Options
  • Color choices
  • Package contents
  • Accessories
  • Return Policy

To increase the profit, the e-commerce platform is paying great attention towards the eCommerce Conversion Optimization in order to churn out the best tips.

Design Each Page With One Conversion Goal

Design clarity is the foundation regarding building up the great trust in between you and your customer. Customer Wants To Know These Three Things:

More Choice Requires Better Filters

The more you serve to your customers, the harder it gets to choose. Let make easy for them by going with the better filters. The prominent role of filter is to making easy to find the desired product without going through any trouble.

The order of the filter can be categorized into various categories like popularity, low price, popular brand, color, size, high price etc. It makes easy for the customers to go with the right product.

Better search

Are you considering this feature? If yes, then you are going right. Finding the right product from the gigantic collection is not an easy task.

Offering better search option makes easy for you. It would be right to add the auto-suggest search to make easy for them. It boosts up the conversion rates.

Offer Multiple Payment Options

It is another point to consider. According to the A 2009 survey of 2000 online British adults study, 50 % customers cancel their product if they are not happy with the payment method.

Having multiple payment options let the customers feel comfortable. Adding payment options like PayPal or Credit card Payment can make you rule over many hearts.

eCommerce Solutions Also Target Address Uncertainty

People have always been in doubt while shopping either the first time or from a new store. Do customers keep oozing with different types of questions like what about the return policy? When will I receive my stuff?

To fetch the wide attention of the customers, it is required to prepare the list of the most common objections and doubts. Try to address them in a great way, so the trust will be build up between you and your customers.

Customization Creates Ownership

There are many websites offering this feature to their customers. The new age customer wants everything according to their needs and requirements.

And that is why they want everything customized. Saying would not wrong that it is a kind of fun game. Customers love to get indulged with that. Once a customer customizes it according to their needs, they feel like now it has become theirs and the next step is buying it.

Charging For Shipping Is A Conversion Killer

Are you charging shipping cost? Stop doing this as it is not going to help you anymore to build up the long-term business relationship with the customers. The distinguished companies like eBay and JCPenney are luring their customers offering free shipping if customers do shopping of at least $25 or $50 respectively.

On the other hand, Nordstrom is imparting free shipping for all purchases. We can see they accentuate the free transporting around the world, they have a catch for the size guide, the cost, and shading.

The site is additionally secured for buying which answer the “is it safe?” question. To twist it up – they give a considerable measure of data in their item page for the guests, which causes them buy on the site.

High shipping costs are not being appreciated by the customers and they are not happy with this. Instead of buying that stuff, customers love to quite from that e-platform. They do not even remain interested to come back.

Adds Product Videos Feature

As of now, we all have been focusing on images. But everything hints that video is the future. Photos come up with their limitations, the video is all about extending the horizon of users’ experience. Saying would not that it is the next step before actually touching and feeling.

How To Lift Up Product Pages

  • Carve out creative product descriptions
  • Have clear product options
  • Put the amazing product images
  • Add product videos
  • Put the charts and calculators

It is being suggested that you must go for uploading the product videos. You must do it for at least part of the inventory. For instance, Adidas is doing great in this regard. It is coming up with a variety of video for almost all of their product.

Show Contact Info & Offer Live Chat

Though it is a quite small thing, it plays a major role to boost conversions. If you are going to kick off the new e-commerce platform, adding this feature will bring great benefits to you.

It makes possible to build great trust between you and your customers. It would also be good to put your email and phone number. They should be clearly visible.

  • Offer live chat option in order to let your customers get the desired answer quickly and within no time.
  • According to the study, there is a great chunk of e-retailers approximately 77% using this live chat feature.
  • Using live chat is quite beneficial as it builds up a critical communication method.

Prominent Key Points

Prominent Key Points

Let’s start with these 5 prominent key points that eCommerce Development Company always love to consider when building a website.

Though we would like to emphasize your attention towards other special methods to boost the great profit. Let’s check it out in a discreet manner.