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08 Things to Do in Maldives – Islands of Pleasure

The Maldivian archipelago offers all the pleasures of a sunny paradise; beautiful beaches, an inviting ocean, water sports and an ancient culture to explore and understand.


Old Friday Mosque

Dating back to 1656, this is the oldest mosque on the archipelago. The building constructed out of pink coral stones is a cultural icon, boasting verses from the Quran, inscribed on the walls, beautifully carved woodwork adorning doors and windows and an adjoining cemetery where the graves of past sultans, kings, queens and national heroes lie.


The National Museum

The National Museum has moved to new quarters; from its previous occupation of the once royal palace. It is a marvellous complex, which displays a fine collection of artefacts, well chronicling the islands journey through time. A must for better understanding the culture, religion and traditions of Maldives, the museum even displays artefacts from the Maldives pre-Islamic era.


Utheemu Ganduvaru

This is the home of Maldivian national hero, Mohammed Thakurufaanu. A traditional Maldivian home; the place boasts wooden structures that are over 500 years old, swinging day beds that were built to beat the heat, beautiful lamps that burn using coco palm oil and a shed with a palm-thatched roof, that was once the sleeping quarters of guests. Mohammed Thakurufaanu is a beloved leader who was lauded for his fight against the Portuguese colonist, whom he overthrew in 1573.


The National Art Gallery

The Museum Building located at Sultan's Park is home to the National Library, the Art Gallery as well as, a bevvy of cultural centres from several other countries. The Art Gallery is renowned for its regular shows of Maldivian art which are always interchanging, group or individual displays. The gallery does not have a permanent display. If you catch the Biennial Maldives Contemporary Exhibition you will come across a varied display of photography, paintings and abstract works of art.


The Produce Market

Do make time to browse the produce market for a lovely encounter of local flavour. Sellers from across the archipelago gather here, to sell fresh local produce that consists of, homegrown fruits and vegetables such as, bananas, coconuts etc. You will be fascinated by the sights, smells and sounds of this very authentic Maldivian market. If all this sounds utterly fascinating do start planning that great tropical escape; arranging holidays to this destination is a breeze with Vacation Maldives or any other travel specialist that will take the hassle out of planning.


Scuba Diving

Holidays to the Maldives are incomplete without a bout of scuba diving or snorkelling. The 26 coral atolls are teeming with over 500 species of marine life; the corals on their own are a mesmerizing and colourful attraction that any deep sea explorer will fall in love with.


Enjoy Dinner Under the Stars

The Maldives has that magical charm, capable of helping any type of romantic to fall in love all over again. The fabulous romantic dinners on a powdery white sand beach, promise to be nothing short of utterly charming and magical.


The Local Fish Market

The local fish market located on the main island of Male is the heart and soul of the archipelago. The place is not pleasant; there are buckets of entrails and fish are gutted in public. But if you are on a scout of local flavour, it does not get any better, so, go ahead, throw out your inhibitions and get to the Fish Market in the early hours of the morning.