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5 Best Things to Do in China – A Land of Spectacular Attractions

China has many attractions that promise to beguile & enthral travellers. From trekking along the massive Great Wall to exploring ancient historical villages, the country promises the best experiences.


Wander along the Great Wall of China

Over 19 dynasties contributed to the building of the wall, which took over 2,000 years to complete. The total length of the wall is a staggering 21,196.18 km, as it makes its way from East to West China. Like a giant sleeping dragon, the wall snakes past 15 provinces, the most popular section being in Beijing. One of the greatest wonders of the world and the largest man-made architectural marvels, trekking along the wall is going to leave you with awesome memories and experiences to last a lifetime.


Discover the Charms of Tongli

Ancient Chinese towns are magical and charming realms that are food for the soul. Tongli, in the Jiangsu Province, boasts a history of over 1,000 years and was a popular spot amongst 100 dignitaries who made their home in Tongli. Visiting the place one can see, houses from the Qing and Ming Dynasties that have withstood the test of time, and remain just as impressive, as the day they were constructed. The houses wind along the river which is the dominant feature of this water based town, home to five lakes. The best experience is to hire a boat and cruise the winding canals dotted with arched stone bridges while the Tuisi Garden and Jiayin Hall are fine examples of Chinas garden style architecture.


Check Out the Terracotta Army

One of the world's most significant archaeological finds, the clay soldiers representing China's greatest army lay buried for over 2,000 years. The lifelike figures that show the might of Emperor Qin Shi Huang's amazing battalion guard his burial site. A very impressive site to explore the army is one of the closest iconic attractions to Xi An China hotels. If you are a guest at Grand Park Xian, the Terracotta Army is less than an hour's drive away.


Take on a Panda Keeper Programme in the Sichuan Province

The cuddly giant panda species, unique to the country are hard to resist, and joining a panda keeper programme lets you get up close and personal with the creatures. Although belonging to the bear family the black and white panda's diet is made up of 99% bamboo. The animal image was chosen to represent the WWF (World Wildlife Foundation), and the cuddly teddy bear like pandas are sure to make your day.


Climb a Mountain and Enjoy the View

Exploring China is not complete unless you have climbed a mountain and relished the view. The Yellow Mountains and Zhangjiajie are the most popular precincts for stunning views, scenic surroundings and memorable experiences. The Yellow Mountains, for instance, boast four natural wonders; the oddly shaped pine trees, cloud seas, peculiar rock formations, hot springs and the most magical sunrise. Zhangjiajie was the filming site for the blockbuster movie 'Avatar' and is nothing short of spectacular. Made up of huge pillars, lush foliage, misty peaks and home to exotic wildlife, this area will thrill all nature lovers.

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