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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
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5 Best Things to do in Singapore at Night – That's Not Centred on Nightclubs

Did you know that Singapore is classed as a 'city that never sleeps'? The country is home to 24 hour gyms should the health bug get hold of you at midnight, all night megamalls and more. Do read on.


Look Forward to a Bout of Cosmic Bowling

Once the sun sets, get ready to work on your signature the moves, no, not dance moves, your bowling skills! That's right folks; Cosmic Bowl brings a touch of the disco to the all-time favourite game. Dazzling disco lights and retro vibes keep the fun flowing and the game going, until as late as 3 am in the morning. The perfect elixir for holidaymakers not interested in dancing the night away; enjoy a relaxed night of fun, light-hearted competition and friendly chatter as you relish a night at Cosmic Bowl.


Catch the Light Show at Marina Bay

Singapore's night sky does not rely on stars to light up; each night the heavens light up with the glow of lasers and LEDs, while choreographed water fountains dance in synchronised perfection. This spectacle can be witnessed around the Marina Bay Sands. If you are staying at Park Hotel Farrer Park, the marina is a mere 10 minutes' drive away; ideal for some after dinner entertainment, the lights show starts at 8 pm while the water show commences at 9.30 pm. On a Friday or Saturday, you can catch a second show at 11 pm; seeking accommodation at hotels in Serangoon Road, Singapore will help you to easily access these night-time activities and events.


Head Over to the Board Game Café

Mind Game Café is perfect for families and friends to enjoy a night of fun and games. Relish the sensation of being on holiday by staying up until the wee hours of the morning playing exciting board games; besides, plenty of coffee, warm cocoa and snacks are only an order away. Choose from over 500 board games, and do try the delicious brownies, which come highly recommended. The café stays open till 6 am and you have the option of paying by the hour.


Catch an Indie Flick at a Boutique Theatre

If you are a movie fan, especially the classics and Indie, head over to Screening Rooms and get cosy watching movies until 4 am. The theatre is housed in a heritage building and is perfect for those all-nighters that do not involve, dancing or loud music. Best of all there are no movie tickets to be bought, you simply need to order food and drinks to the minimum cost of $15 (at the time of writing this article) and you are good to go.


Why Don't You Go Fly a Kite

There is no better fun than flying an LED kite in the middle of the night. Enjoy the night breezes and sense of freedom as you enjoy the activity at Marina Barrage. LED kites are available to rent at Kite Culture and are a pretty unique experience, since flying the kite in the night sky; means there is no squinting in the brilliant sunlight to look at your kite.

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