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05 Things to Do in Colombo City – Something Old, Something New

Colombo is a marvellous mix of modern and vintage; one minute you could be walking past a bevvy of skyscrapers while the next turn takes you to old neighbourhoods resplendent with colonial bungalows.


Explore the National Museum

Recently refurbished the National Museum stands stately within a wide lawn; located in a vintage Italian style villa the place is a treasure trove of over a 100,000 artefacts. Discover jewel encrusted thrones, golden daggers, swords used by kings and royal garments of a vintage style. Take a step back in time as you walk past exhibits recording the first inhabitants of the island, learn about the Vedda, indigenous population and marvel at their primitive but effective tools. Discover artworks, paintings and murals that tell stories of the Buddha, illustrious kings and traditions and culture that are yet practised on this amazingly modern but deliciously old-fashioned island.


Enjoy a Sojourn on Galle Face Green

Galle Face Green is in central Colombo, easily accessible from most of the five star hotels in the area, this wide expanse of lawn looks out to the Indian Ocean. The place was once a horse race track, as well as, the expansive lawn of a British Governor. Today the place is a favoured sojourn for locals, out to enjoy the sea breezes and wide open spaces. At evening Galle Face Green exudes a holiday ambience, set up with food stalls and kite sellers. Join the bevvy of lovers, families and kids all out to enjoy the outdoors. If you are planning on travelling around the island the best is a hire car. Sri Lanka has many car hire agencies that offer one a variety of options to choose from; places like Car Booking Sri Lanka are well stocked to cater to varied tastes and fancies. As for Galle Face, the place has plenty of parking.


Shop for Local Handlooms

Barefoot store, set up by designer Barbara Sansoni is a beautiful shop, which is an iconic attraction in Colombo. The place gives prominence to Sri Lankan handloom fabrics, woven in a myriad of attractive colours and hues. Garments for men and women are sewn out of the very comfortable fabric, while toys fashioned out of the hand woven fabric and wood are sure to make unique and fascinating gifts.


Take A Walk in the Park

The Viharamaha Devi Park, set up by the British as the Victoria Park, in colonial times, is one of the most charming precincts in Colombo. Sitting serenely in the middle of a bustling neighbourhood, the parks, cool and casual interiors are more than inviting. Covered by a canopy of trees, the walking, jogging and cycling tracks wind past, water fountains, a mini zoo and kiddies play zone. Plenty of strategically placed benches are ideal for sitting down and reading a book, or simply people and traffic watching.


Visit the Dutch Period Museum

The museum was once the residence of the Dutch Governor in the 17th century. It has since served as a military hospital, post office and Catholic seminary, until settling down as a museum. Home to lovely period furniture, an old fashioned Dutch courtyard and lush garden, this building is well worth reserving a few hours to explore.

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