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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
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5 Top Street Food Dishes to Try Out in Hong Kong – Most Delicious Experiences

Dubbed the 'culinary capital of Asia', a 'gourmet paradise' and many other delicious sounding names, Hong Kong takes great pride in its collection of cuisine. Listed are some of the best delights.


Enjoy the Hearty Goodness of Egg Waffles

Ranked number one amongst all Hong Kong street food, egg waffles certainly will not disappoint. Utterly delicious an egg waffle will have crispy sides and a soft chewy centre. An adored snack the waffles are the perfect comfort food, which makes it hard to stop at just one. So, go ahead and indulge your taste-buds to this fabulous treat; which by the way does not have to remain savoury; try it with chocolate sauce, ice cream or any other sweet topping you fancy.


Savoury Delights of Curry Fish Balls

A typical Hong Kong style street food, the curry fish balls are available at just about every street food market and are exceedingly cheap. Sold on skewers of five or six balls, they cost a few dollars and are very flavoursome. The perfect snack for any shopping spree the fish balls are made by deep frying and boiling it in a thick sauce. The perfect accompaniment to this snack is a refreshing glass of coconut water. Check out the Mong Kok area, just 15 to 20 minutes from the Park Hotel Hong Kong, for some of the best versions of this well established street food.


Sweet Pineapple Buns are Deliciously Deceptive

Why deceptive, you may ask? Well, the pineapple buns have no pineapple in them; instead, they are sugary treats with a chunk of melted butter at its heart. Anyone who tries this food is an instant fan and no, you simply cannot stop at just one. Well, established for the last 70 odd years the bun has criss-cross sugary patterns on top which have earned the snack its rather deceptive name. Perfect for tea time snacks and a break when shopping, make sure to ask for these when dining at Tsim Sha Tsui restaurants.


Grilled Tentacles of Squid, Simply Delicious

If you suddenly feel the need to stay off the oily or fattening delights of Hong Kong's street food, try a batch of the grilled squid tentacles. If you are having any kind of squeamish inhibitions regarding this rather exotic dish, simply check out the long queues of after office workers, eager to order a batch of the snack. Try it, and you will love the fresh chewy taste enhanced with lashings of honey, chilli, barbeque sauce and teriyaki. The best way to eat the squid is to rub a bit of the sauces just before dipping it in the chilli. The prices are super too, making this a pretty reasonable and delicious snack.


Sunny Egg Tarts Are Very Addictive

The luscious egg tarts of Hong Kong are going to steal your heart away, delicious, creamy and perfect the little tarts are going to be one of your favourite snacks. In the centre is the soft and creamy filling that is very similar to flan, while the crispy crust is a delightful surprise.

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