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International Residential School


International Residential School - The Reasons For Its Popularity

The genre of International residential school is surging high on popularity, owing to several reasons. Such schools impart high quality education and hone the skills of the students, the way not possible to accomplish by day school students. With the students under in international residential schools under the guidance round the clock, they go a long way in inculcating utmost discipline in students.

There are several other benefits too with such schools; some of them are enumerated below:

• Indicates the habit of spoken English- If any student is desirous of studying abroad for higher studies, proficiency in English language is a must. If English is the mother tongue for any such student, developing proficiency in the language will not be problem. But for others, this could be a difficult task to accomplish. International residential schools do away with this problem by making students highly adept in English.
• Prepping for college - Students get the best environ and guidance in such schools to prepare for higher studies. This is because the students live in a setting devoid of distractions. They are grouped with like minded ambitious students and are constantly guided by expert faculty that helps in making preparation, easy and affective.
• Empathy - Students in international residential schools come from different communities, cultures and religion from around the world. Living in such a healthy mix of students build empathy and understanding in each one of them that goes a long way in developing a sense of compassion for everybody irrespective of ethnicity.
• Activities: Students of international residential schools stand out from the rest of the crowd. This is because they have the benefit of being able to recognize and chisel their talents that several of other students of their age may not, who attend day schools. Students in residential schools follow strict regimen and loads of activities that develops their personalities.


International Residential School For Non-Native English Speakers

International Residential School For Non-Native English Speakers

International residential schools are meant for international students. These are those who hold foreign passport and for various reasons come to a new land to pursue their studies. Boarding schools are popular among international students who aim to join reputed foreign universities across the globe. There are thousands of varsities across the globe and the students need proper guidance to make the right choice. They need to hone their skills to showcase them as deserving candidates during admissions and the International schools take up this opportunity.

The benefits of choosing International residential school include:

• Proficiency in English
• Gaining acceptance from prominent universities
• Learning to adapt to new culture by providing structured environment for non-native English speakers
• Access to well trained counselors who can advise on preparing for admission process in foreign universities. The schools helps to prepare for tests like TOEFL or TOEIC exams
• It gives students the unique opportunity to make friends with international students and understand their cultures. Moreover it gives the people the right exposure to geographical and linguistic backgrounds of various regions across the globe.
• The international boarding schools gives you the best training in adapting to new cultural variations

English as second language
English learners find it difficult and need constant guidance from experts. At boarding schools, international students are given an opportunity to take part in classes, plat sport and interact with English speaking students. Moreover, English as Second Language (ESL) classes are offered at boarding schools that help non-native English speakers to learn the language quickly. The size of the class is small and hence it improves the interaction level with English speakers promoting their reading and writing skills in the language. Boarding schools are seen as the right platform to catapult your international career. Students from boarding schools are interactive and adapt to new environment with ease.


International Baccalaureate School – A Holistic Learning Experience

International Baccalaureate School – A Holistic Learning Experience

International schools can transform the lives of your child. It teaches them to grow independently and develop life skills. It provides them with a multicultural outlook. The *International Baccalaureate School *offers a global curriculum that is both challenging and liberal. The school is an amalgamation of languages and cultures. Irrespective of whether you choose the US curriculum or London, the pupils learn the same concepts across the globe. Even a few UK schools offer IB courses but these are for older students.

The greatest advantage of studying at International Baccalaureate School is the ability to give voice to their thoughts. The IB system of education has no complains when it comes to dealing with older students. The whole concept of the curriculum is highly transportable. The system is imposed with vigor where the students take exams at the age of 16. IB is extremely demanding curriculum with special emphasis on critical thinking and communication. Even at a very young age students are highly articulate. Parents feel the change in their wards after enrolling with International Baccalaureate School. Students are encouraged to develop a global outlook. Moreover, they are encouraged to self regulate. When they reach the sixth form, the students would have completed university standard essays and assignments.

At International Baccalaureate School students are not spoon fed or trained with the motive of clearing the examination. The drop out percentage at IB school is very low when compared to other curriculum schools. International schools provide a wholesome experience. The medium of instruction is English and the students are given extra coaching to excel in the language. Statistics has it that around 15% of students constitutes American students and the teachers are from across the globe. Older students are given an opportunity to learn their native language in the final year of their two years diploma.


IB School – Benefits of Choosing IB Programmes

IB School – Benefits of Choosing IB Programmes

A very unique feature of an IB school is that they offer professional development along with the academic programmes. They ensure that their students are very much ready to face and confront real life situations, be it their career or their personal lives. CPS Global School is one such institution that believes in imparting the best education programme to its students.

Here are the benefits of choosing an IB School in Chennai.

1) The course is designed in such a way that the student’s analytical skills is put to test

2) The programme enables the students to reason out better

3) They encourage discussion of both global and local contexts.

4) Language isn’t a barrier and they help develop multilingual students

In short, the IB programmes offered to children, not just helps them do well in academics but also ensure their positive personal development.


International Baccalaureate School – Creative learners

International Baccalaureate School – Creative learners

International Baccalaureate School explores advanced concepts and issues both domestically and internationally. The depth of knowledge is broad and balanced. They are creative learners and collaborated well with people from other cultures.


International Residential School

International Residential School

“The best teachers don’t give you the answers, they just point the way and let you make your own choices, your own mistakes. That way you get all your glory, and you deserve it”- Mr.Schvester

CPS Global Schooloffers dynamic educational programs for students of diverse backgrounds. From grooming every student to become a real citizen of the place they belong to enriching them with education, imparting humanitarian values and grooming their interests, this International Residential School with campuses in Annanagar and Thirumazhisai combine the best qualities with curriculum.

Providing well-groomed home environment to the kids, they are instilled with social etiquettes, encouraged to practice courtesy and cooperation and fathom the credentials of various other cultures. This makes them embrace every human being with open arms. With colorfully painted rooms, comfortable furniture, well-illuminated corridors and ample facilities, the students will enjoy staying in this school. Every ‘house’ has a mistress to take individual care of them. These spacious, safe, well-lit and clean rooms have ample space allotted for wardrobes, luggage, books and shoes. Bunk-beds are offered along with blankets and pillows, buffet of multi-cuisine food, state-of-the-art integrated sports complex, martial arts training, 24X7 medical facilities and mechanized laundry services ensure that the kids are comfortable and enjoy their stay at this terrific International Residential School.

CPS Global Schoolbelieves that today’s students are tomorrow’s dynamic leaders and guides students through the right path to reap success in the areas they choose to. Interests of students are honed and their energy is channeled through the right sources. Curriculum is designed for the students of Cambridge Primary, age 5-11 years; Cambridge Secondary 1 for kids of 11-14 years; Cambridge Secondary 2-IGCSEfor students aged 14-16 years and Cambridge Advanced International AS and A level for 16-19 years. Connoisseurs of global education, this International Residential School focuses on education. Indeed “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare it for today”- Malcolm X


International School Chennai – Inter-disciplinary approach

International School Chennai – Inter-disciplinary approach

CPS Global International School in Chennai promotes education within and outside the classroom. We believe in inter-disciplinary approach to connect to different subjects. We are keen to develop independent learners.


IB program offering School

IB program offering School

IB program offered in Chennai Global School provides an academic experience emphasizing critical thinking and exposure to a variety of viewpoints among young people that would grow them into a better person.


International Curriculum School – Variety Is The Spice Of Life

International Curriculum School – Variety Is The Spice Of Life

International schools come in different shapes and sizes and they incorporate diverse curriculums and purely international formats. International schools follow curriculum different to the national curriculum of the host country. Stress is made on international programs like International Baccalaureate and Cambridge curriculum paving the way for global citizenship.

Over the last decade, international curriculum school have exploded and it is doubling across the globe. As per statistics in 2011 by a UK based organization, ISC Research it is said that 2.8 million students enrolled in the international school across the globe. International K-12 is doing big business with an approximate annual income of $27 billion dollars per year and it has over 270,000 teachers informs the research. The expansion of the markets, expatriate population, growing foreign businesses are the reasons for the rise of international market. The wealthy families are moving towards international students. In Asia and Middle East the primary focus is on English medium education. The same trend continues in China.

The criteria of international schools include:
• Transferability of students
• Moving population higher than national public schools
• Multinational or multilingual students
• International curriculum like IB, PYP, MYP
• International accreditation
• Global teachers
• Students enrollment is non-selective
• The medium of instructions is bi-lingual or English

Who goes to international schools?
The students are children of employees of international business, foreign embassies, international organizations, NGOs, missionary programs or missions. Parents are willing to pay high tuition fee and it is growing in popularity in the host country. Admission are given to foreign citizens residing in the host country as long as they meet the eligibility criteria of the school. Even children from the host country are admitted to the school.

International schools offer an array of cultures and approaches giving the teachers an opportunity to work with foreign boards.


International School in Chennai are the way forward

International School in Chennai are the way forward

International school in Chennai are in great demand for its world class ambience and expert faculty. The schools have a mentoring system. The faculty attends IB and Cambridge workshops to improve their knowledge on various happenings and current affairs. The schools follows high quality international curriculum supported by a high quality learning environment. Moreover, the lab, staff training, curriculum, everything is of international standard. All this facilitates opening up new opportunities for students to study abroad to expand their career potential. The course goes a step beyond surface learning and focuses on assimilating information and takes up challenges to think conceptually.

The role of international education is to open up opportunities to study abroad and improve their career to the maximum. Students at primary school are encouraged to develop their skills providing the ultimate learning experience. The environment is dynamic and fun with latest technology and resources to excel in all walks of life. The primary focus is on getting the students to make genuine progress. The school offers scholastic learning experience to develop the attitude and skills of the students. Most international schools go beyond rote learning. This type of learning can develop a strong learning foundation to develop a wide range of opportunities.

The international schools are involved in community development by helping the underprivileged. The school with the best teachers, materials and facilities hone talented individuals to achieve greater heights in their life. International schools charge higher fee when compared to national and local schools for the simple reason they are obligated to keep the infrastructure world class. Moreover, they provide top of the rack facilities to students in terms of lab, library, classroom, playground, etc. They also send students abroad for exchange programs, educational tour and the like. The amount spent on your child during their stay at the international school has to be considered an investment to create successful leaders of tomorrow.


International Baccalaureate School – A Rigorous Training Programme

International Baccalaureate School – A Rigorous Training Programme

International Baccalaureate school curriculum has become the most popular choice among those choosing international school for its rigour, breadth of study and global transferability. International baccalaureate offers programmes for students between 3 and 19. The curriculum is taught in thousands of schools across the globe, including independent international schools and UK State schools. The IB is a two year diploma programme (DP), suited for students between the age of 16 and 19. The curriculum was found in 1968. The IBO started offering courses for early school students through their Primary Years Programme, Middle Year Programme.

Today, families are highly mobile and the curricula need to accept this change and adapt to this part of the community. The curriculum focuses on the changing interest, ideas and viewpoints of both students and teachers. IB curriculum does not aim at underselling potential young minds. According to IB teachers, the students undertaking the programme have to achieve both depth and breadth of knowledge, instead of just accumulating facts to pass examinations. IB Diploma programme is all about personal and intellectual challenge and is not about transportable credential. It offers superior preparation for university studies globally.

IB Curriculum allows you to develop into global citizens. Going by its mission statement, it is about all around development through internationally educated citizens. The IB school aims at developing knowledge through inquiry and cares for young people to create a peaceful work with intercultural respect and understanding. To conduct IB curriculum, the international school has to be authorized by IBO. The process can be anywhere between 2 to 3 years. It provides a helpful indicator for families on the move.

The programme is flexible and is adaptable for learners’ needs and it allows to fulfill the mission of the IBO by helping students to identify their talents and gifts. The IB programme helps a student in holistic development.


IGCSE School – A Comparison With Other Curriculum Schools

IGCSE School – A Comparison With Other Curriculum Schools

A globally recognized curriculum, the IGCSE or the International General Certification of Secondary Education is very similar to the Class X examinations. The IGCSE is formed in the year 1988 and is a two year programme that is spread over Class 9 and 10. The final examination is taken in May or November. The exam is conducted by UK assessment bodies, the Edexcel and the Cambridge International Examinations.

Comparing IGCSE with other curriculums
IGCSE offers a wide range of subjects and brings in high academic standards through practical learning and teaching. The assessment is not just restricted to the written examination but also takes into account oral and listening tests. The aim is to bring out a wide range of skills of the students. The grading system is eight-point scale from A+ to G, with A+ the highest and G the lowest.

IGCSE School offers a balanced and versatile curriculum. There is choice between the core curriculum to the extended curriculum. It gives the students the ability to choose subjects suitable for them and gives an opportunity to score good grades. The core curriculum is for students who are expected to achieve Grade C to G, while the extended curriculum is for students who are expected to achieve Grades A+ to C.

IGCSE curriculum has an international outlook just like IB MYP but it is tailored to meet the expectations of the multi-cultural and multi-lingual audience.

The IGCSE programme starts from Class 9 level and students from any board can join this programme from Class 9. Though CIE has introduced the new Cambridge International Primary Programme in June, in this programme the ICGSE programme starts from the age of 5 and goes on till 18.

The IGCSE encourages educational skills, investigative skills, oral skills, problem solving skills, team work among students. The programme has a worldwide credibility and is delivered by more than 130 schools across the globe.


International Curriculum School – Explosive growth rate

International Curriculum School – Explosive growth rate

International curriculum school are available in different shapes and sizes meeting the demands of the students. The school follows a variety of curriculum catering to the international community and locals who want to pursue their career abroad. Most international schools follow both national and international curriculum. The emphasis lies on creating global citizens. The international school market is experiencing an explosive growth in the last decade.

A research by an UK based organization who tracks developments in international school market reveals that over 2.8 million students enrolled in international school globally. International schools are big business especially international K-12 education brings an annual income of $27 billion dollars annually, employing over 270,000 teachers and non-teaching staffs. Over the last decade the market has doubled and is sure to double in the next ten years.

It is surprising to learn that in 2011 there was a 2/3rd increase in Asia where 238 new schools were added. The expansion of international schools is attributed to growth in multinational companies and rise in expatriate community. The increase in number of wealthy families in Asia is also the reason for the rise of international schools. In the Middle East the focus is on English medium education and none other than international schools can help satisfy this goal.

Criteria for international schools
• Students are transfer across international schools making it easier for expatriate population and those on transferable jobs
• It is suitable for moving population
• Multilingual and multinational students benefit from international schools
• The schools has international accreditations
• It follows international curriculum
• English or bi-lingual is the medium of instruction

Though there is no hard and fast rule that all the above criteria has to be followed to enroll a candidate in international schools. A school can be called international, if it delivers education through a single curriculum like International Baccalaureate.


International School in Chennai – Infrastructure is the key

International School in Chennai – Infrastructure is the key

International schools in Chennai lay its primary focus on the infrastructure. It become crucial for the child to grow up in the right environment. Schools are the second home for every child, it helps to identify the purpose of one’s life. The confidence of a child grows as they indulge in team work and socialization. The child spends maximum time in the school. There is always an experienced hand guiding the child in every way of life. It is a safe environment that promotes growth. The infrastructure plays a prominent role in creating a favourable environment in the life of the child.

A school with damaged building and lack of playgrounds is a poor choice for the child. Parents feel safe to send their children to schools that have state of the art infrastructure and this is available only at International Schools. The child will be provided all the basic facilities and physical comfort to learn and play in a safe and secure environment. School environment is responsible for the overall growth and development of the students.

It is the responsibility of the school to provide the stress free environment to learn and play. Researchers suggest that environmental factors play an important role in increasing the academic performance of the student. It can motivate attendance and improve their scores. A large class size and stressful environment can affect the learning potential of the child. Educational institutions where there is high noise level and temperature can affect the learning capabilities of the child. Moreover, their understanding level also will be affected. Physical conditions leave positive and negative effects on the students.

Spacious and refurbished buildings are the key to any school building. Lab facilities, libraries, sports equipments, extracurricular workshops and sanitation facilities can add to the infrastructure of the international school.


International School Chennai – Tips To Make A Valuable Choice

International School Chennai – Tips To Make A Valuable Choice

While moving to a new country the question that pops in the minds of parents is ‘how to pick an international school?’ The schools are setup for those who migrate across the globe for work and other responsibilities. The International Baccalaureate program created framework for international schools. Any student in IB schools anywhere in the world will be studying the same curriculum. Most international schools offer IB Diploma and it is recognized by universities around the world. The other international curriculum includes Advanced Placement (AP) and Cambridge IGCSE.

Your choice of international schools should depend on the following:
1. The school has to be accredited to the Council of International Schools (CIS) or the New England Association of Schools & Colleges (NEASC). Only accredited schools will have specific standards and the accreditation supports a positive learning environment. The school is mission driven and comes with high safety standards. American organization accreditation allows diplomas recognized for American university admission.
2. The school has to be a member of reputed educational organizations like the European Council of International Schools (ECIS). There are councils for every country as well, like the Association of German International Schools (AGIS).
3. The turnover of the teachers has to be taken into consideration while choosing an international school. The teachers prefer to move away in quest of seeing new places. They stay for a few years and move on. Low turnover means the management treats their teachers well. When the benefits are unmatched teachers prefer to stick for long.
4. The school website has to be updated regularly to attract new students. The calendar of events, sporting events, results, parents meet and other activities have to be listed on the website to garner the attention of the visitors. The programs provided by the school and the curriculum map would be an added advantage.

Check expat forums for more information on international school Chennai.