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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
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Month-by-month Guide to Travelling in Oman - Plan on!

Oman has a lot to offer for anyone who visits, it's always best to plan in advance though. Let's take a look at a month by month guide if you're planning on travelling to Oman.


January to February

The first two months of the year that is January and February make for an excellent time to visit Oman because of cool and favourable temperatures. You might come across some rain during this time; however, it's short and generally unpredictable. Since it is the New Year period, it can get quite busy with some hotels charging higher rates to keep with the demand. The Muscat Festival which is an annual month-long celebration is a definite must see. The festival takes place throughout February and celebrates Omani culture and art.


March to April

March and April are the somewhat warmer months with the temperature generally averaging around 30 degrees Celsius. This is an opportune time to visit before the humidity of the summer kicks in. In terms of tourists, these two months are often less busy than the winter months (November through February). If you're a fan of beautiful scenery full of flora and fauna, this is the rose blooming season in the Jebel Akdar Mountains which is close to Muscat.



May is one of the finest months where Oman is concerned. Since it is the beginning of the summer fruit season, you'll come across a lot of fresh produce. Apricots are widely popular during this time as it is the apricot harvesting month, however, you'll also find other delicious fruits like peaches, pears and even figs. Being the transitional month between the cooler winter & spring temperatures and the incredible heat of the summer months, temperatures can get quite high but the humidity levels are much lower. It is the perfect season if you're looking for a beach resort. Salalah has a number of resorts to choose from, like Al Baleed Resort Salalah by Anantara for example.


June to August

This is the summer season and is incredibly hot and humid. As such this isn't a period that is widely recommended to travel to Oman. The south is generally cooler but even more humid as it is the Khareef or monsoon season in Salalah. The surrounding coastline and Salalah are very busy with domestic tourists this season, who simply seek to escape the heat. The positive thing is that most hotels drop their prices and as a result are much cheaper.



September while still being very hot isn't as bad as it is between June and August. If you're an avid birdwatcher, this is a great time to check out the landscape around Salalah. You'll be able to see a plethora of migratory bird species because the temperature is slightly cooler and the number of visitors is somewhat lower. As it is also within the peak turtle viewing season, this makes for an opportune month to travel to Oman.


October to November

October and November are both much cooler months as its right after the summer. With the lower temperatures averaging around 30 degrees Celsius or slightly more, it's an ideal time to visit Oman. While the country can get somewhat busy, you'll be able to enjoy fruits from the autumn harvest that include pomegranates, olives, grapes and even walnuts.



December is the coolest time of the year in Oman with the temperature around 20 degrees Celsius. As Christmas and New Year are extremely popular seasons in Oman you'll definitely have to book much earlier. The mountains get very cold in the night during this period so do pack some comfortable and appropriate clothing as places within this area don't often have heating facilities.