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Facts about Oman - Interesting Trivia about this Middle-Eastern Wonder

Oman is a gorgeous place to visit with all its little treats and places to see, let's look at some interesting facts about the country.


Frankincense Trees

You'll only find wild frankincense trees in Oman. These trees are said to be facing an uncertain future across the globe. It is believed that the following fifteen years could cause the production of the fragrant resin to cut by half. The resin is used extensively in the perfume industry as well as in religious rituals. The tree is special for the Omani people as it is not just a tree but an embodiment of their culture and history.


The Land of Arab Horses

Oman is widely known for its practice of breeding Arab horses. Its purebred Arab horses are popular throughout history. Zaad Al-Rakeb was the first horse in Arabia and this is what all Arab progeny horses are traced back to. It belonged to one of the old members of the Arab Uzd tribe in Oman. The Omani people believe that each horse is an image of its master and is a reflection of his stamina, courage and ability.



Oman was originally only open to expensive package tours and business travellers, but by 1987 the Omani government eased visa restrictions by allowing tourists to enter the country more freely. Up until 1970, Oman has no hotels. Today, however, Oman has a plethora of hotels and resorts to cater to tourist needs. An ideal type of place to stay in would be a beach resort. Salalah has many on offer with examples like Al Baleed Resort Salalah by Anantara being one of them.


Doors to Heaven

The doors in Oman are widely popular all over the world. These uniquely ornamented doors are an important feature in most houses. The simplest homes from the small villages to the houses in the cities have beautifully carved brightly coloured and intricately detailed doors. The doors are generally made from wood or metal, however, the more expensive and elaborate ones are often constructed from mahogany and are decorated with spikes and studs. These symmetrical forms displayed on the doors come from the traditional repertoire of Islamic geometric and floral motifs. While a majority of the doors are produced locally, some are even made in East Africa and imported. In the old times, the doors were traditionally fashioned with wooden bolts and handmade locks


A Marketplace for Only Women

Oman is considered as the only country in the world to have a souq (marketplace) just for women. The souq takes place in the city of Ibra on every Wednesday and is widely popular. Vendors within the sale display a large number of fabric and jewellery that make it a colourful feast for eyes which is why this market is known to be the most colourful souq in all of Arabia. Since everyone from the traders to buyers are all women, men are forbidden to even hang around the market.


Food and Beverages in Oman

Omani food comes in all forms and varieties and offers immensely flavourful delicacies that use a lot of spices. Coffee is the national beverage in Oman and is often accompanied by the date fruit. An interesting fact is that you need a permit or license to buy alcohol in Oman and you aren't allowed to spend more than 10% of your monthly income on it.