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Things not to miss in Nizwa – Northern Oman's Fabled City

Nizwa; the ancient city in the North of Oman is a honey pot when it comes to sights and attractions. But there are points of interest that rise above the rest of the attractions in the city.


Nizwa Souq

The Middle East is well known for their souqs and in an ancient city like Nizwa, it would be scandalous not to mention a souq. The Nizwa Souq ranks among the most ancient of souqs in the whole of Oman. The majority of the products at the souq are vegetables and fruits which are housed behind the city's walls but there is also the livestock souq. You are advised to visit the livestock souq only if you are sure you can handle the odour of the bulls and the many shrieking goats houses there. It is a bit away from the main area and has been in operation for centuries. There is also an area where you can find handicrafts. On the same vein, if you are looking for antiques and silver, there is no better place than the Nizwa Souq.


Al Mandi Al Dhahabi

Popular among expats and tourists, the Al Mandi Al Dhahabi restaurant presents some of the most authentic Middle Eastern dishes in the city. If you are dropping by at the location, make it a point to try their mandi. A rice and meat dish, it is definitely the most outstanding dish on the menu. Aside from the food, the location of the Al Mandi Al Dhahabi restaurant allows you to take in wonderful views of the Nizwa Fort as you dig in.


Birkat Al Mouz Ruins

With a name that roughly translates to 'a pool of bananas' in the Arabic language, this ancient and abandoned village plays an important role in the history and culture of Nizwa. A fine example of rural Nizwa during its old days, the ruins have plenty of date and banana orchards along with many brick houses. While the condition of the houses is deteriorating with every passing day, important features such as the windows and the ventilation modes are easily observable. It is present on the route between Nizwa and Muscat and is quite close to most luxury resorts in Oman such as the likes of Anantara Al Jabal Al Akhdar Resort.


Nizwa Fort

Famed for the breathtaking architecture of the structure, the magnificent Nizwa Fort took approximately twelve years to build. The brainchild of Sultan bin Seif bin Malik Al Ya'arubi, this fort is considered the crown jewel of the town. The amazing architecture and design stand strong to this date as does its many defence systems, such as the pit fall, honey trap and shooting windows. A unique feature of the Nizwa Fort is the round shape of its forty meters high tower, which is coincidently the tallest tower in any fort standing in the country. It is highly recommended that you make the journey to the top, as you will be greeted with spectacular views. The fort also has a number of prisons and many artefacts from the ancient times can be viewed inside.