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Headline for Things you can Buy at Taling Chan Floating Market – A Typically Local Experience
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Things you can Buy at Taling Chan Floating Market – A Typically Local Experience

Bangkok is known for its floating markets; amongst these Taling Chan comes highly recommended for loads of local flavour. Buying and selling is a marvellous experience there; here are popular buys.


Plants for that Touch of Green

Taling Chan Market is easily accessible via the BTS Skytrain, and riverside hotels such as Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort are less than 8 miles from the market; it is also easy to reach by taxi, in case you are not too sure about buses and Skytrain stops. As you enter the market, the plant section will be the first line of products you will see. There you can buy just about any type of local foliage, to perhaps start your garden in Bangkok.


Food Stalls for All Things Delicious

As you head out of the plant section, you will stumble upon a line of stalls selling a variety of Thai street food. This mind you, is before you get to the actual 'floating' market sector. Common and popular street food varieties are there, as a prelude to your gastronomic journey of Thai bites. On offer are quail eggs, snacks on sticks, fresh fish dishes, aromatic sizzling grills and a variety of fresh fruit. If you are travelling from a Bangkok riverside hotel chances are you would have already tasted the popular quail eggs and meaty kebabs, well worth a try at Taling Chan.


More Food

Thai's love their food, and the floating markets are a pretty good excuse for sampling these. As you enter the floating section of the market, this fact is in evidence, judging by the number of boats cooking up some mouth-watering cuisine. Grilled seafood is a favourite, with squid, crab, huge prawns and mussels being popular varieties. You should try the sea bass, grilled with a handful of lemongrass stuffed in its mouth. You will love the fresh flavours and variety. Portions are small and very cheap; hence, one is able to check out a variety of meals in one visit. There are low tables set up around the eating area where customers happily sit, cross-legged to enjoy their meal.


Beer and Desserts

Cold beer is a favourite around the market, which many visitors seem to enjoy while floating along the canals in a hired wooden boat. Apart from this slice of relaxation, there is a marvellous range of desserts that one should not miss out on. Crispy crepes with creamy fillings, sticky rice cooked in dollops of sweet condensed milk and fresh fruit and little triangle shaped packages of sweets made with sugar cane syrup and a variety of exotic ingredients are sure to treat your sweet tooth cravings.


A Satisfying Meal of Pad Thai Straight from the Boat

If you do have room for a full meal, then head over to the nearest boat cooking up fresh batches of Pad Thai noodles and place your order. The best Pad Thai in Thailand is promised here, as the woman seller expertly throws fresh ingredients into a hot wok and cooks up a delicious meal right there on the boat.


Pay for a Relaxing Thai Massage

That's right folks, Taling Chan Floating Market is also famous for its Thai massages. The perfect ending to your day of shopping and eating, the massage kiosks lining the market offer relaxing, head, foot, neck and even full body massages.


Eels, Baby Turtles and Fish

No, these are not for eating but to be set free to gain merit. Baby turtles, slimy eels, and small ornamental fish are on display. Purchase a set and set them free for blessings and merit. These are just a few of the fascinating buys and experiences awaiting you at Taling Chan Floating Market.