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Types of Sealife in Maldives – Exotic Animals

The Maldives is well known for its sun bleached white sand beaches, sunny skies and the Indian Ocean surrounding the 26 atolls; but well worth exploring is the staggering array of sea life.


The Butterfly-fish

The size of this fish averages at around 12 to 22 cm. They are often spotted around the beautiful coral reefs and are loved for their stripy colours. If you take a night dive, the butterfly fish can be spotted hiding amongst crevices in the reef, and if you observe them closely it is noticeable the fish has changed its colourations. If a night dive sounds exotic, check with your Maldives resort for in-house tours or the contact details of the nearest tour operator.


The Impressive Barracuda

Spotting a few barracuda on a scuba dive tour is a pretty awesome experience. Those found around the Maldivian archipelago will grow to lengths of 60 to 180 cm. A popular lookout for any game fishing tour, the Barracuda is also a delicacy on the islands and does make a tasty treat. Make sure to snag a barracuda on your next deep sea fishing expedition with Anantara Dhigu Maldives Resort or any other place that offers such excursions, and you can have the house chef of your Maldives hotel or resort cook the fish just for you.


The Classical Angelfish

You may often see these colourful fish swimming around within in-door aquariums. But nothing beats the sight of these colourful disk shapes, floating serenely amongst the vibrant coral of Maldives. The fish grow to average sizes of 20 to 30 cm. Interesting to note is that Angelfish, similar to most fish species, are sequential hermaphrodites; meaning they have the ability to change their sex at certain stages of their life.


The Poison Immune Clown Fish

Often spotted swimming amongst the waving tentacles of the poisonous sea anemones; this species of fish is immune to the venom. Due to this marvellous feature, the clownfish will often take shelter within the tentacles of the sea anemone; especially when threatened. They grow to lengths of 10 to 18 cm and are staples to be spotted on a scuba diving tour.


The Long Nose Hawkfish

Similar to the Clownfish the Hawkfish is immune to the poisonous fire corals, and are often spotted perched on them. They grow to average lengths of about 13 cm and are quirky little fish that many divers like to observe.


The Laidback Green Sea Turtle

If you are out snorkelling amongst the verdant reefs of Maldives, you are quite likely to spot a green turtle, lazily paddling along the waters of the Indian Ocean. In the wild this prehistoric creature is known to live up to 80 years; they grow to average lengths of around 1.5 metres.


The Oriental Sweetlips

This fish changes it stripes to dots as it ages; initially marked with black stripes on its tail; the fish changes its stripes to dots as it ages. Growing to lengths of 72 cm the fish is marked with a yellow background of stripes or spots on its tail and the distinctive yellow hued lips.