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Best "Experiences" Medical Blogs

Best blogs written by the medical community for their experiences going through school, rotations, residency, and practice.

GruntDoc — Ramblings of an Emergency Physician in Texas

Ramblings of an Emergency Physician in Texas

My EM Residency Experience...

"In addition to providing my personal experiences, thoughts, and reflections as I go through the residency, I've decided to share a bit of the most important practical medical knowledge I learn at each rotation. My motivation for doing this goes back to the days before PA graduation when I read through the residency blogs like this. I'd see posts like "my cardiology rotation was a great experience... I learned the most important 'take-away' knowledge like how to do a focused cardiovascular HnP, interpret troponin elevation, etc". They'd just mention these things and I'd always yearn to hear them fleshed out, straight from the person's mouth instead of the dry textbook that never seems to be entirely clinically relevant. So, I am going to try to do just that. I'll list out the most important topics I learn and I'll try my best to actually go into the some of the important details underlying them. I'll make sure to focus on the things that were emphasized to me by my attendings and real world experiences. Last, I'll try to share some of the best resources I encounter as I my program immerses me in the world of EM. "

Why I Chose Ob/Gyn – Obstetrics Portion

Doctor Danielle Jones shares her journey from medical school through life as an Attending Ob/Gyn in College Station, TX. Discussions of marriage, motherhood, and medicine, plus the overlap each of these has with each other. From random musings to pertinent health info this blog covers it all with grace and humor.

Blogged from med school through attending life.

Mike LaVere - NFL, MCAT & Life Improvement

NFL, MCAT & Life Improvement

A non-traditional med student (creative writing) who details his experiences during school while going into surgery.

"I am hooked on this guy now! Just finished reading his "Momentum" blog posts and I'm eager to share this with everyone possible. Thank you for sharing!"

PANDA BEAR, MD | Navigating Medical School, Residency, and the Goat Rodeo that is American Medicine

Considered one of the best of the best medical student blogs. No longer active.