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Some Mistakes to Avoid when Travelling to Koh Samui – How to Be Careful and Practical

Koh Samui is a beach destination, but that does not mean you take only beachwear. Here's a list of what to pack and what to avoid, and escape bad mistakes from ruining your fabulous beach holiday.


What to Pack and Not

Koh Samui is an island; it is also part of Thailand. A conservative country, which regards its religion with loads of respect. You will most certainly need swimsuits and beachwear for chilling around the sandy shores of the island. But you will also need proper clothes for exploring the many temples. Take along easy to slip on tops and some comfortable cotton pants that will look good pulled over a swimsuit. This way you are ready to explore straight from the beach. No shorts or strappy tops should be worn to the temples. Also consider slip off shoes, flip flops and sandals for your feet. They are cool in the warm climate and easy to remove and wear when visiting the sacred places.


How to Avoid a Beach Mistake

Beaches are varied and beautiful in Koh Samui; hence, don't base yourself in one spot that does not give easy access to others around the island. Chaweng Beach, home to Anantara Lawana Koh Samui Resort, is one of the most popular and the area is ideal for both enjoying beach vibes as well as other holiday lures such as shopping and dining. If you fancy some evening entertainment, this area is well known for its buzzing nightlife; as such, the Chaweng area is a lovely choice for a vibrant beach holiday. Choosing a luxury resort Koh Samui has to offer, must be based on beach access, central attractions and ease of travelling to other destinations across the island. Do your research on all the beaches Koh Samui is home to before choosing.


Avoid Overly Enthusiastic Retail Therapy

Everyone loves a bout of holiday shopping, and Koh Samui does treat the serious shopper to lots of surprises. Remember though, before you impulse buy, the rather exotic products, that they need to be transported back. Consider your luggage space before making a purchase. You will find that going through a Koh Samui shopping guide will help you to decide on what to buy and what you need. Items such as Thai silk are excellent souvenirs and gifts and pretty easy to transport back. If you are a serious shopper, consider taking along a foldable bag, which will double up your luggage space, in case you do splurge and buy some exotic souvenirs.


Be a Serious Animal Lover

Many would consider riding an elephant cruel; indeed the practice is given much publicity online and if you are a serious animal lover, you may wish to avoid this popular practice, though you do find organisations that provide humane animal treatment. Do your research on Koh Samui elephants and their uses, before you arrive on the island and you will be able to make wise choices.


Do Not Under-Estimate the Koh Samui Sun

The sun in Koh Samui is pretty serious, bent on warming up those gorgeous beaches and giving you the deepest tan; the sun can also be too much when no proper protection is used. Take along plenty of sunscreen, an SPF factor of 30 to 50+ is recommended to stay well protected. No holiday is fun if a serious sunburn joins the tour, besides; you will find that purchasing sunblock on the island will prove to be a costly affair.

Anantara Lawana Koh Samui Resort

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