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Water Sports in Maldives - Enjoy a Number of Fun Water Sports in Maldives

Loved by swimmers and non- swimmers alike, the Maldives offers up a lot of water sport options for travellers. Here's a list of the best water sports to try in the Maldives.



Kayaking is a fun and extremely popular water sport in the Maldives - the kayak sits low in the water so you can experience every little turn, and enjoy the shimmering blue waters around you. Most hotels have provisions for kayaking which include a boat, paddle, and a guide to show you around. The best time to try kayaking in the Maldives is from April to October.


Catamaran Sailing

Embark on an adventure, sailing along the beautiful waters of the Maldives in a Catamaran, exploring the many atolls and reefs. Catamaran Sailing is a relaxing way to enjoy the endless stretch of blue water around you, and lets you explore parts of the atolls you might not have been able to see previously, such as large sandbanks, reefs, and uninhabited islands.



Surfing may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of water sports in the Maldives Islands, but the atolls do offer up a decent amount of surf breaks to attract surfers. Away from the clear lagoons and stunning resorts are reef breaks perfectly suited for surfing. The waves here aren't as powerful as those found near areas Bali or Australia, since regular swells in Maldives only come up to shoulder high; however, there are plenty of barrels and longer waves. The surfing season in the Maldives varys depending on the Atolls and the two monsoons that affect the ocean.


Jet Skiing

What better way to enjoy the Maldives stunning islands than to hop on a jet ski! One of the most favourite extreme sports in the islands, Jet Skiing in Maldives offers up all the thrills of high-speed waters sports, combined with the natural beauty of Maldives. Prior experience isn't required and everyone gets a crash course, plus safety equipment.


Scuba Diving

The stunning reefs, lagoons and underwater caves in the Maldives make it an ideal location for diving. Some resorts like Naladhu Private Island Maldives, for example, even have their own PADI Dive Centre which provides a comprehensive range of scuba diving certifications for beginners or experienced divers. Diving excursions range from reef dives and ship wreck explorations, to night dives, which are extremely popular since you get to experience a different view of the reefs as all the nocturnal creatures take over. Rest in between dives on one of the secluded sandbanks that can be found around the atolls. Encircled by crystal clear waters, the sandbanks, which can vary in size from a few yards to kilometers, provide plenty of great photo opportunities as well.



If deep sea diving doesn't appeal to you, then grab some snorkelling gear and head out into the water. The best part about snorkeling in Maldives is that anyone can try it, no matter the experience level. Snorkelling is one of the easiest ways to explore the reefs without much gear. Snorkel near the reefs to enjoy views of sharks, turtles, eels and even thousands of colourful reef fish.