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Updated by lizettemariel on Dec 24, 2017
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5 Lucky Gifts for All Occasions

Give them more than just a gift, but also your wishes for happiness, love, success, good health, harmony, and prosperity. Here are five (5) gift ideas that are sure to charm, not only because of their usefulness, but also because of the blessings that they shower their lucky recipients:

Lucky Bamboo Plants

It won't matter what the occasion is! The Lucky Bamboo Plants are known to shower their giver and the recipient with good luck, happiness, and prosperity, making them always perfect as a choice for gifts. A hardy plant, the lucky bamboo plants are easy to care for - just place them in a clear vase with water, put them on a spot that is away from the sun, and fertilize them occasionally. Not just set to bring good luck, the Chinese lucky bamboo plants will beautify and detoxify every space they are placed, too.

Personalized Chopsticks

Chopsticks as a gift are believed to shower the newlyweds with good luck and fertility. How they always come together as a pair makes them a precious symbol for togetherness and harmony, thus, their popularity for gifts to family, friends, and business partners. Their association with food, meanwhile, makes them a very important symbol for prosperity. However, not all chopsticks are created equal. For that extra tad of pizzazz, you can make your chopsticks gifts and party favors extra-special by going for personalized chopsticks.


Dragon Gifts

Dragon Gifts

In the Asian culture, the Dragon is believed to bestow protection, prosperity, and good luck. Go simple from dragon chopsticks or sophisticated with dragon kimono robes. Dragon gifts are perfect for men and women, especially those who are born in the year of the dragon.

Hand Fans

A simple gift that is symbolic for happiness and friendship, hand fans will also help their recipients to stay cool, especially during the summer. Hand fans come in a great variety of types and styles, like the Chinese silk fans, also known as the Chinese Wan Shan, the Japanese folding fans, the fragrant sandalwood fans, Battenberg lace fans, Spanish hand fans, and sequin hand fans. Whichever style you take, hand fans are sure to charm as fashionable accessory and as lucky gifts for friends and loved ones.

Origami Cranes Chopsticks Rests

Lucky gifts, which are so easy to use and to buy because they will be appreciated by everyone? Give them these origami cranes chopstick rests! Inspired by the Japanese crane birds, which are believed to 1,000 years and mate a single crane bird during their lifetime, the the Japanese cranes are prized as a symbol of long life and of lasting love.