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Best Purple Light Sabers


Best Purple Light Sabers

Best Purple Light Sabers

1.Hobby Trading Company Pink Lightsaber LED, lightsabers violet,Best Purple Light Sabers

When coming in a pink color, this led saber is perfect for adults and children. You can buy it from a Star Wars fan, a collector or anyone who has sabers and related accessories. The unit comes in a decent size that feels good in most hands and is also lightweight for easy handling. It has a nice and ergonomic handle for improved handling and feels very solid. The color is also very bright and attractive. Apart from yourself, this accessory can be a good gift for your child, spouse or any other person.

2.Morris Mace Windup Light Saber Costumes - Violet Lightsabers
Mace Windu Light Saber

When talking about purple saber, a name that is always mentioned is Mace Windup. He is the person who brought him into existence and owning him makes you feel like the Jedi Master. This particular piece is 3 inches high and 13 inches wide and is perfect for adults and children. The distinctive weapon has a telescopic handle and feels very light and comfortable. It is made of quality materials to support both regular use and the elements. The elegant piece will be a good addition to your Star Wars collection.

3.Kotobukiya Star Wars light saber stick, Purple Light Sabers

The food will be more pleasant when using these purple saber sticks. They come in a practical size just like real chopsticks and fit well in the hands. These striking miniature swords can be used by adults and children and are made of good material that is safe for food and hygiene. The sticks light up after pressing the button on the end and will stay bright until you press the button again. Using them is easy even for the first time user and it is also easy to clean and maintain. By using the lightsaber stick, you will surely feel like the Jedi Master Mace Windu at the table.

4.Lego Star Wars Mace Windu Minifigure plus purple saber - Purple Light Sabers

Jedi Master Mace Windu and the purple saber seem to be linked by the hip. You can not mention one and leave the other out. And to make sure you have both at the same time, LEGO is offering this Minifigure set consisting of the Jedi Master dressed in his famous brown cape and purple saber. The small set is perfect for Star Wars enthusiasts, as a gift, and also for a collector. It comes in a small size for easy handling and storage. The pieces are also of high quality and will last for many years if they are well cared for.

5.Chop Sabers illuminate purple lightsaber sticks, purple lightsabers 1 pair

A standout on the table using these purple saber sticks instead of the normal ones. Not only do they look very real, thanks to the good quality and the purple shine, but they are also very practical. They act like genuine chopsticks and have a similar size and weight. You can use them safely with different foods thanks to the hygienic material. The solid pieces are well designed to withstand frequent use and are also easy to clean. The batteries that illuminate them are well placed to prevent moisture or water from entering. They are also of good quality and will last a long time before new ones are needed.