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List of things to do near Inya Lake – Let the Tranquillity work its magic on you

Its calm, its serene and its definitely one of the most tranquil spots to spend your holiday at. Apart from relaxation, the Inya Lake offers plenty to do in the vicinity. Here are a few of the favourites


Visit the Seinn Lann So Pyay Garden

A garden almost fits perfectly in the Inya Lake backdrop. The Seinn Lann So Pyay Garden is more beautiful because of its location and somehow even the Inya Lake benefits from this truly majestic garden. Many visitors to Inya Lake come seeking relaxation and the best part about the Seinn Lann So Pyay Garden is that is exactly what it offers. Well manicured and landscaped, the garden creates a getaway for the many visitors to Inya Lake. They can either stroll through this mosaic of green and color or just sit on a one of the benches and take in all the beauty. If you are looking for photo opportunities you will find plenty of picture perfect backdrops at the Seinn Lann So Pyay Garden.


Go biking

Although Inya Lake is more famously known for its relaxing appeal, it is also a favourite destination among bikers. Cycling in the beautiful setting of the Inya Lake provides just the right backdrop for all those endorphins that you will be releasing in your blood. It has the dual advantage to both your mind as well as your body. To rent your bicycle for your expedition you can always get in touch with the Bike World Explores Myanmar. This is roughly half a mile from Inya Lake and gives bikers all the guidance they need for a memorable adventure.


Explore the Shwedagon Pagoda

When you visit Myanmar it is important to get a feel of the religious side of this country. There are many temples and Buddha statues dotted all over Myanmar but if you are looking for a place near Inya Lake the Shwedagon Pagoda is the best place of worship there is. Located some 2.8 miles from Inya Lake this Pagoda is an artistic creation that offers plenty for visitors to admire. The structure of the Pagoda alone is interesting and to top this one can enjoy a strong spiritual feel within these walls.


Visit the Nagar glass factory

Now this is among the most interesting things to do in the area for the Ngar glass factory is a place where you can witness glass being made from scratch. This attraction is located a kilometre from the Inya Lake and provides quite a bit of edutainment for those interested in the makings of glass.


Indulge in a family massage

Relaxation is an important part of your holiday. You can always stay in a cozy hotel in Yangon to enjoy relaxation. After all there are options like the Sedona Hotels Yangon for you to choose from. However if you want to experience the height of relaxation, pay a visit to the Family Blind Massage. Located 1 mile from Inya Lake, this is one of the most rejuvenating things to do in the vicinity.

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