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Top 5 Most Popular Thai Food in Bangkok – Indulge yourself in the Exotic dishes of Thailand

Thailand is famed for a multitude of things and its cuisine is one of them. Well known for their right balance, spice and aroma, here is a list of dishes you must try while you are in Bangkok.


Tom Yum Goong

This soup is more of a starter esque dish and is common all across the restaurants in Sukhumvit and the rest of Bangkok. A classic dish whose origins stretch way back, Tom Yum Goong has multiple variations in the county. The Thailand version of the soup is known for its spiciness and if you are someone who does not prefer extremely spicy dishes, you might want to ask the cook to tone down on the spice. The major ingredients in the dish are mushrooms and freshly caught prawns. For spice and aroma, curry leaves, lemon grass and chillies are made use of.


Tom Kha Kai

Again with the soups! This is basically a coconut soup that includes chicken in it. With a taste that is quite close to Tom Yum Goong, it is generally regarded a milder option of the spicy Tom Yum Goong soup. Spices such as galangal, lemongrass and chilli are used after which pieces of chicken are included in the mixture. Concentrated coconut milk is added at the end to dilute the spicy taste of the dish. Most hotels such as Emporium Suites by Chatrium offer a more refined and richer version of this popular dish.


Som Tum

A spicy salad, this is a dish that appeals to a small crowd of people. It is made of green papaw and is quite spicy. The overall flavour does have a hint of sweetness, but the major flavour is the spiciness. This intricate flavour is obtained by pulverizing cherry tomato, green bean and papaw in a mortar grinding machine. With this dish too, there are multiple variations and some come with peanuts or seafood like shrimp and crab.


Pad Thai

Due to the Chinese influence on Bangkok, it is hardly a surprise that noodles is a major pillar of its cuisine. This is a stir fried noodles that is commonly consumed throughout the country. It comes in many forms and is famed as a fast food dish. The noodles used differs; one has a choice between thin noodles, flat noodles and wide noodles. The variety chosen is then cooked in a sizzling wok after which it is quickly stirred with other ingredients like egg and onions. The dish is served hot and once it is on the person's plate, he or she can use chilli powder, sauce or even sugar to adjust the flavour to their preference.


Gaeng Daeng

Referred to as red curry in some places, it is a meat dish that is ideal for a person who loves meat. Concentrated coconut milk is used, so is a homemade red curry paste. A combination of fresh and dry spices is used to make the dish and Kaffir lime leaf is applied over the dish at the end. Gaeng Daeng is served with rice and it is recommended you add fish sauce for the ultimate experience.