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05 Must Visit Places in Bentota – Swim, Sightsee and Play

Bentota is one of Sri Lanka's most vivacious resort towns. Sitting on the south coast, it offers access to attractions that include an idyllic garden, turtle hatcheries & an ancient temple.


Explore Kande Vihare Temple

The islands highest statue of the Gautama Buddha is located within the Kande Vihare Temple. Hence, the historical temple is one of the most iconic in the country. Absorb the serene ambience as you walk around the compound while waiting to be discovered are ancient artefacts such as Ola leaf books and other trinkets. Observe devotees at the ancient Bo Tree located in the temple grounds and make note of rituals and traditional offerings made at the four sacred shrines called Maha Devales, also housed within the same grounds.


Enjoy an Experience at Cinnamon Island

An island that's a cinnamon plantation, the place stays true to its name. Managed by the same family for generations, the place is a vintage farmstead. Situated within easy reach of AVANI Bentota Resort & Spa, Cinnamon Island is not too far from the town centre and can be easily reached from such a well-placed resort Bentota is home to. On your tour of Cinnamon Island, learn about the process of obtaining cinnamon sticks from the bark, as well as, the process of extracting the sweet smelling oil. The island on its own is a pleasure to explore, nature lovers, especially, will find the outing quite gratifying.


Chill on Bentota Beach

Bentota Beach a fabulous expanse of soft golden sand; is quite impressive and alluring. The oasis framed by swaying palms is lapped by the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. Happy tourist indulging in water sports and soaking up the sun are common sights that add to the charming holiday vibes this beach seems to exude. Watersports centres located close to the beach will offer guidance, as well as, equipment rentals. Mind you don't forget the cameras; since the sunsets are nothing short of spectacular.


Be Amazed by the Brief Garden

Just 8kms from Bentota is the Brief Garden, named after the islands renowned architect Bevis Bawa the place is made up of acres of beautifully landscaped gardens, home to colonial style lawns that seem to end at the edge of the river, a serene Japanese Garden, strategically placed statutes and a number of carefully designed and located nooks and alcoves. Open from 8 am to 5 pm daily; an entrance fee that is well worth the cost is charged for viewing the gardens.


Spend Time at the Turtle Hatchery

The turtle hatcheries of Bentota are marvellous sanctuaries, protecting and conserving the almost 5 species of endangered sea turtles that grace the shores of Bentota. Cared for by the sanctuaries, one can observe turtles in all stages of life. Eggs once laid are carefully relocated to locations within the hatcheries, and once hatched the babies are released to the sea. Apart from conserving the species, the hatcheries are permanent homes to maimed or deformed adult turtles as well.