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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
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5 Best Festivals to Attend in Thailand – Lose yourself in Thailand's Exotic Culture

Thailand is well known for its vibrant culture. For those looking to involve themselves in it a bit deeper, there is no better way to do so than by diving into the many festivals that the country hosts.


The Songkran water festival

Thailand hosts their New Year on the 13th of April, which is in accordance with the Buddhist & Hindu solar calendar. The dates, 14th and 15th, are also declared a holiday; all of which encourage days of celebration. The younger crowd regularly hosts water festivals on these days. The main roads are closed off to vehicles and used as battlegrounds for the water fights. Splashing water on everyone is the most enthusiastic way that Thai people celebrate New Year and should you be in the country in April, this is a must to see.


Phi Ta Khon

Roughly translating to "The Ghost Festival", this is a festival initiated during the days of the Buddha. Spanning over three days in the town of Dan Sai, this is generally considered one of the most fun festivals in Thailand. The festival gets quite loud and boisterous as the town people try to wake up the spirit of Phra Upakut to protect themselves. They adorn themselves with ghosts' masks and spend the day participating in games and musical celebrations. The final days of the festival are reserved for religious activities like visiting the temples.


Chinese New Year

Probably the most well known of festivals in Asia, the Chinese New Year celebrates the turn of the Chinese calendar. One of the top most things to do in Khon Kaen, most hotels like AVANI Khon Kaen Hotel & Convention Centre can help you get involved in the celebrations. The theme of the event is red, while the defining feature of the festival is the dragon parade. In the event that you are attending the festivities, make it a point to wear red.


Lopburi Monkey Banquet

Safe to say, this is the most bizarre festival you will come across in Thailand. The title is pretty self descriptive; the locals in the ancient city of Lopburi feed up to two thousand monkeys with fruit and vegetables. Needless to say, it gets pretty messy and monkey food fights are pretty common. Furthermore, musical shows and dances accompany the monkeys feast. The festival is believed to bring good luck, which explains the level of respect dished out to these long tailed macaques.


Buffalo racing festival

Just when you thought you have seen it all, the province of Chonburi is here with another surprise. A festival that has been going on for over a century, the buffalo race is one of the most important cultural events in the province. Every year, farmers race their buffalos as an act of gratitude towards these beasts. The festival stretches on for a period of one week and consists of many other activities that keep you occupied. The province is right next to the sea too, so once you are done you can pop on to the beach to wind down!