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Security Guard Services | Champion National Security

Champion National Security is one of the Best Security Guard Services Provider Company in Texas. We have been providing professional security services for businesses for over 35 years. With the expansive resources of a large company, coupled with the personal service of a local provider - Champion is able to mitigate risk before they become issues.


Premier Security Guard Services | Champion National Security

Champion National Security, Inc. is the largest privately held uniformed security guard services provider in Texas and one of the largest in the nation.

Highest Quality Security Guard Services

Champion National Security is the security guard service provider that provides affordable security services to deliver safe-guarding solution as per the client’s need. All security personnel are well-trained to face any kind of emergency situations by mitigating the risks before they become a problem. Connect today, if you are looking for the best security guard companies that offer one stop solution for all your needs.

Security Services Dallas, TX | Champion National Security, Inc.

Champion National Security offers premier security services in Dallas, TX and focuses on the needs of the client and providing the highest level of

Champion National is one of the best security company, proud to serve the Lone Star state and call Dallas our home. We have provided security services to the Dallas area for about 35 years and serve a variety of clientele. This metropolitan giant, overflowing in its population, is home to numerous industries. From shopping centers to medical facilities to auto dealerships, you name it; our clients’ needs are all over the map, and we have business experts at the helm that are capable and qualified to meet those needs.

Atlanta Security Guard Services | Champion National Security

On-site Atlanta security guard services in. Armed and unarmed Officers, uniform options, and patrol services. Available 24/7. Call for a free quote!

Located in the capital of Georgia, Champion National Security is proud to provide the best Atlanta security services available. A large population like Atlanta has means more risk for criminal activity on your property. That’s where we come in: we provide expert security services to make sure your business continues to run without incidents. Our security guards are extensively trained and proven to be dependable. Our highly customized security plans offer extensive coverage in a variety of circumstances.
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Address: 5696 Peachtree Pkwy
STE A, Office #1
Norcross, GA
Phone: (678) 992-2673

Champion Prioritizes Sustainability Practices | Champion National Security

Champion National Security cares about the environment. So we work hard to use best sustainability practices in every area of our business.

Champion National Security cares about the environment. Together as a company, we have enacted our own sustainability practices through green initiatives, and work toward those objectives to reduce our carbon footprint where possible. Recently, we realized significant progress toward our goals! Almost all our officers now prepare paperless reports in C-Track, just one of the many green changes made which would align with La Palmera’s desire to select a sustainable provider. We also similarly prequalify our suppliers based on their sustainability efforts to promote mindful choices when selecting our vendors.
Our green initiatives and goals are based on recognizing that businesses can have a damagine effect on the environment. We are committed to limiting our impact on our environment through responsible operating practices. We as a security service provider understand our environmental impact is from our core physical operations. This impact is restricted largely in part to the resources we consume to run our offices and patrol divisions.

High Rise Building Security Services| Champion National Security, Inc.

Champion National Security provides numerous security solutions to maximize safety in the increasingly competitive and volatile environment of high-rise buildings.
Our custom solutions have the versatility to adapt and build to your needs. Whether you need uniformed officers and individualized protection of client assets to surveillance and in-depth security programs with expert consultants, Champion National Security can scale to your needs. Conduct your business without disruption knowing Champion National Security is on your side.

Security Guard Jobs at Champion National Security, Inc.

Champion National Security, Inc is hiring security guards in a number of our markets. Apply today for security guard jobs and work for the best security guard company in the business! As a top quality security firm with locations all over the county, Champion National Security makes sure that we find exceptional talent and provide them with the best training available to advance in their future.
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Commercial Security Guard Services Provider | Champion National Security, Inc.

Champion National Security is one of the largest uniformed commercial security guard services providers in the nation and serves nationwide accounts. While we have the resources of a large corporation, we provide the quality of security service one would expect from a boutique company. Our services are personable, flexible, and custom-tailored. Our services are led by the most seasoned security experts in the security guard industry, who have grown with us from our humble beginnings 35 years ago. We have a unique business model with a client-first approach, and we have the people and resources to serve quickly, flexibly, and effectively.

We serve Security Services in commercial industries like Auto Dealerships, Casinos, Construction Sites, Corporate & Office Buildings, Financial Institutions, High Rise Buildings, Retail & Shopping Centers, Warehouse & Distribution, Grocery & Supermarkets, etc.

Corporate & Office Building Security Services | Champion National Security, Inc.

Champion National Security helps lighten your load by setting a benchmark for corporate and office building security services with comprehensive solutions. From highly trained security officers to 24/7 customer service, Champion National has the capabilities in technology and personnel to help you best protect your place of business.

Why are security guards needed? | Champion National Security, Inc.

Part of a Security guard job is to provide monitoring services for property owners ensuring a safe environment and prevent violence. A security guard plays many different roles, but his primary duty is to prevent crime. The presence of a security guard on the premises often serves as a deterrent to potential lawbreakers. Our security guards work in public and private buildings, as well as retail and wholesale buildings… Read more

What makes for great security officers? | Champion National Security

A great security officer is always alert and aware of his surroundings. A heightened sense of awareness and alertness can help them determine if a situation or a person is a threat. ... A security officer is always on the lookout for situations that could affect the safety of the people and places they're protecting.

A highly-trained security officer who can quickly assess and react properly to a dangerous situation provides a fighting chance for everyone involved. They work hard to ensure they are aware of all things going on around them because ultimately that will assist them keeping people safe.

Are Security Jobs Dangerous? | Champion National Security

Ever wonder if security jobs are dangerous? We've seen it all and are willing to tell you a little bit more about this often overlooked career path.
Security officers often work in remote locations, late at night, and in situations that can turn volatile in a hurry. There are long periods of utter boredom punctuated by extreme excitement. An officer has to keep their head in the game or things can turn ugly fast. Theft, physical harm, or worse can happen in a hurry.
It isn’t easy manning a post alone late at night. It isn’t easy remaining alert when nothing has happened for months on end. And it definitely isn’t easy dealing with conflict with strangers that you don’t know how they will behave!
Give the guy standing in the corner a little respect. His job is harder than you realize.

Great Security Guard Jobs in Your City | Champion National Security, Inc. | Read More

Champion National Security, Inc is hiring armed and unarmed guards in a number of our markets. Apply today and work for the best security guard company in the business! We offer fair compensation, on-the-job training, and more. We offer excellent benefits for the security industry. Our officers receive partial paid doctor visits, paid vacation, overtime, holiday bonus pay, flexible hours, referral bonuses, lead incentives, performance bonuses and full paid on-site training. We have life insurance and health insurance packages available as well.

5 Reasons Why Adults Are Choosing Security Guard Jobs in 2019 - Champion National Security, Inc.

In 2019, more and more adults are choosing security guard jobs in their job hunt prospects. But do you know the reason why?
We’re going to list the 5 big reasons we’ve seen from of security officers in dozens of security guard companies.
We hope this list will help you empathize with security officers in the field you see daily, and maybe even open your eyes to the possibility of security work in the future.

Why Outsource Security Guard Services|Champion National Security

Let’s start with a disclaimer to why I think you should outsource security guard services: I am a biased source. I work for a security company so I think my opinion should be taken with a grain of salt. What I will try to do is give a balanced picture on the pros and cons of using a security company versus hiring and managing your own security guards. Hopefully by the end of the article you will feel informed enough to make the best decision for your company.

Hire The Best Security Guard Company for Your Business - Champion National Security, Inc

Hire the best Security Guard Company offering armed, unarmed and uniformed security officers across the United States at competitive rates. Champion National Security, (Champion) is one of the few security guard companies that sit right in the middle of those two service ranges. They have locations in 18 states and combine talented people and best practices to serve everyone with extensive resources and options. Each of their local branches serves neighboring clients and provide individualized attention from the resident management team. Champion offers its clients a personal representative who is easily contacted and takes ownership of their service delivery.